• Yes it is.

    I believe that the Bible is truely God's word. I find comfort in the Bible because it tells me about God's will and shows me hope for the Future. I trust the RVR 1960 and KJV translations. Random word filler right here for goodness's sake my dear debate friends gosh darn it. :)

  • Yes the Bible is so true, I would beat my mom if it tells me to.

    The Bible are the words of God, reading the text has touched my heart, soul, and some inappropriate places. How do I know the words of the Bible are true? Because the bible says so! Silly me. That's why when I go to McDonald's and it says the burger has just a whopping 10 Calorie I'll believe it! Because the menu say so.
    Some people might think God is a pervert for wanting to see Eve in the nude so that's why he prevented her from eating the apple but THAT IS TOTALLY NOT TRUE!! That's why the bible didn't say anything about that!!! And how do you guys think we are able to think? Because God made it so we can think that we can think to think that we cannot think to think that we thought we couldn't think but in reality we could think to thought that we could think for ourselves. So obviously it's because of God. Bible is true for all eternity.

    "Those who do not believe in me, F*%k you." - John 1-3-14

  • It obviously cannot be entirely true.

    If it is to be taken literally then it makes many claims that are not true (7 day creation, Earth held up by pillars, etc.). If it is to be taken figuratively then none of it is true. If it is some mix of the two then that process needs to conform to truth standards, which it does not.

  • We have no proof.

    We don't actually know if one of Jesus's prophets wrote the Bible. Even if they did, how would we know if they were to add exaggerations? We don't. But even if so, there has been so many hand-downs (versions) of the Bible, how do we know everything is the same way it was written originally?

  • Full of contradictions, impossibilities.

    It is absurd to consider the bible as fact. Or a God that loves you so much, he condemns you to hell unless you meet a very narrow criteria of loving him back. Any consideration of the new and old testments as both being true when they are so contradictory defies reason.

  • The Bible is not true.

    There is no evidence what soever to support the Bible as being true. Fact constantly disproves the Bible. Noah's ark is an impossibility, Adam and Eve is extremely false, and Jesus probably didn't even exist. I would say that the Bible is a good place to get your morals, but I disagree with that notion as well.

  • Due to manipulations

    Paul and some bible Christian scholars have manipulated their own words into it. Even pornography is manipulated into it. It also has many scientific errors which,contradicts the law of simple mathematics. The old testimony was better but these scholars to protect their own benefits have even changed the word of God.

  • The bible is 100% accurate, but only when thrown at a close range.

    Other than that, it contains thousands of contradictions, a god-man getting angry at a tree he created, and a genocidal monster considered the most benevolent being in existence.
    It also doesn't mention that most characters in the early Old Testament would have worhsipped and believed in many gods, rather than just Yahweh.

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