• The bible has zero contradictions!

    From cover to cover there is nothing the contradicts itself. Not bad for 40 men over a period of 1500 years where ALL subjects, prophecies, and evidence agrees. They wrote it in three very different languages lived on three different continents. The authors of the Bible lived in very different time periods, very different places, and had different occupations yet they somehow created the only text to never be proven wrong...

  • Never proven wrong

    There is no evidence unearthed that has ever shown the Bible to be false. In other words, every artifact and piece of literature recovered through archaeology or otherwise has either lined up with what the Bible says or has no relevance to the Bible or the people and places mentioned in the Bible. If contradictory evidence was available, then it would be more prudent to say that the Bible is not historically accurate, but as it stands, there is no such evidence.

  • Use Basic Logic

    Do Egyptians exist? Sure, and they have a history. The Bible speaks of Egyptians and because of that it is clear that the Bible has historical credibility. That's a simple example that anyone can see the logic in.

    Sodom and Gomorrah are cities in the Bible. Do they exist? Yes, archeologists have shown them to exist.

    So, is the Bible historically accurate? As far as archeologists have dug... Absolutely.

    What about the nay sayers? The ones who question the things that archeologist haven't found? To them I say... Wait and let's see. Just because those things haven't been found doesn't discredit the Bible's historical accuracy... It could easily be said that those things just haven't been found.

    Basic logic people, let's use that. Also, it helps that part of my conversion was due to actually praying and asking God for a spiritual vision and actually getting one. Hence, my inclination that God exists and as a result the Bible WOULD be accurate. (shrugs)

  • The Bible is inspired by God!

    The Bible, with all of its vastness and details stays consistent. It always supports itself, each book agrees with the rest, each other has something to say but he never goes against what any of the others the old testament the others never even met each other. How do you think that happened if it was not the work of God??? men, are sinful, prideful and don't always agree. Only through God could 40 something authors all agree? all be in one accord ? and be kept together for about 2000 years?

  • Yes, the Bible is historically accurate.

    Many Biblical events have been identified and demonstrated true. Even though there are still many which have not been proved yet, they will also be proven with time and development of science. It shouldn't be said that the Bible is historically inaccurate, because there are many which have not been proved. The accuracy of the Bible can be denied only when its inaccuracy is proven.

  • Yes!

    Based on all the historical evidence available, the Bible is an accurate source of historical knowledge. It has been recognized by historians as an important historical artifact and has even contributed greatly to certain archeological and historical findings. Compared to other accounts and texts of the times, such as Josephus', it fits perfectly into the puzzle of history. Although there is much controversy over the supernatural aspects, they have never been disproved, although considered scientifically implausible. This does not take away from the confirmed historical accurateness of the majority of the text.

  • Bible historically Accurate well look at many scientific facts.

    For one, till this day proof of roman occupation of Israel is highly evident, but New testament is a message to a better world to be grateful that a man if you would call him a man (Jospeh Flavius) Would perform miracles to save lives of a corrupted people. Who were tempted by other faiths. You may call Jesus the first anti-capitalist for the once holy temple was turned into a den of thieves. Overall Jesus hated how corrupted the Jewish people became. Jesus was highly educated, and knowing many things he impressed the Pharisees and even all authority. This world is about impression, and the idea that Jesus would give up his immortality on earth to die on the cross and become the true son of god if not the almighty god for he is all three in one. Can give you many bible lessons, but it is far more complex than you think. A christian can fill in the gaps of the bible, and even right a new book on a new abrahamic religion, but he is not a christian if he does not adhere to the true meaning of what god is and what god's purpose is. We can interpret the bible in all so many ways, but we still have that one simple problem, but one simple message. "We are saved from ourselves.

  • Scientific evidence support and archeological findings

    "Egyptologist James Henry-Fertile Crescent
    Finding of the Behistun inscription and other cuneiform tablets
    ofNinevea, Shalmaneser’s Black Obelisk, Shennacherib’s Prism, and Gilgamesh  Enuma  Elish. Document flood and creation

     Hittite monuments uncovered at Carchemish on the Euphrates River in Syria, proving the Bible right. 

    1906, excavations at Boghazkoy (ancient Hattusas, capital of the Hittite Empire) in Turkey uncovered thousands of Hittite artifacts

    Twenty-one pottery fragments inscribed in the ancient Hebrew script were unearthed in the latest pre-exilic levels of the site. Called theLachish Ostraca, they were written during the very time of the Babylonian siege. Some of them are exchanges between the city’s military commander and an outlying observation post, vividly picturing the final days of Judah’s desperate struggle against Babylon!"
    All credit given to

    This is just a tidbit

    Please google Solomon as well or any others you would like.  
    As a scientist you know as well as I do that you must examine both sides.  Keep in mind that there are tons of interpretations out there and some languages don't have words that match precisely. 
    Jesus existed, that is a fact look it up too before coming on here. 
    Scientists once thought the world was flat and laughed at people who thought it was round.  All their evidence pointed to what they thought was irrevocable truth... We discover things and it shows new light, especially with history. 

    Scientists, I urge you to just keep a objective mind. Also as far as miracles explain to me why then, have I seen people survive when medically impossible multiple times. Ask any MD who has been one for more than a year. I guarantee they might convert over to believing in God after all the things they have seen that don't make sense.  
    Also look at the Jewish book the Torah and the muslims quaran... Interesting how they all are so much like the Bible! 
    Just coincidental that all these people from different areas believe the same stories? 

    You decide. Please look up evidence first though. You can be a scientist and believe in A higher power at the same time. If I had a choice of believing that there was someone who had a plan for me and that everything happened for a reason, or no god, no plan, no karma, just life is what it is without any point, I would pick option #1.  

    Christians should not get upset with questions or a good argument. They should listen and explore it. I'm sorry for all the crazies out there

  • The Bible is for real

    All the places in the Bible are actual documented places. And Jesus's miracles do not need to be supported by science...Otherwise they wouldn't be miracles. Sure faith is needed to believe the Bible. Some argue that there is no physical evidence of God. I'd argue that everything is physical evidence of God. The trees...The birds...Etc.

  • Historical Discoveries Confirm, But Do Not Deny, Historical Accuracy of The Bible —

    I've already summed it all up in my title above. When I'm not on my iPad I might just respond to all of the no voters because they all have problems with their reasons for voting "No".

    One example would be that the flood is not stated to have occurred in 2349 B.C. Furthermore, there is no incompatibility between the biblical account and an "Old Earth" view of creation. In fact, there are some good reasons to assume that the biblical account of creation is highly figurative.

  • Nope

    Chyeri is mistaken - the burden of proof lies on him/her. We can safely assume that say, the miracles of Jesus, are false, given what we know about physics and science. Such outlandish claims that humans lived for hundreds of years demand a very high standard of evidence, and so far no such evidence exists. The entire story of creation is wrong. No flood ever occurred. The entire Jesus story wasn't even written down until generations after his death by people who weren't even there. And take the vast number of edits, translations, additions, subtractions, edits, translations, and other changes the Bible has gone under over time. Some people or places? Sure. But as a good record of history or even reality? Not a chance.

  • The majority of Bible is not historically accurate.

    While the Bible does contain some historically accurate information, by and large it is either unverified or inaccurate based on what science, archeology, and other historical documents tell us. For example the stories in Genesis are not based on any sound history and according to science and archeology, completely false and implausible.

  • Chronological Inaccuracies and Lack of Evidence

    There are many chronological problems with the bible. For example Jericho fell many years before the Hebrew's supposedly left the Egypt. Another example is the fact that pre-roughly the 7th century BCE there was a city near Nazareth but around that time it fell and only until about 200 AD did anyone record anything about a new city at that location; so, essentially during the time of Jesus (and for about 200 year after him and about 700 year before him) there was no record of the city of Nazareth. Also there are many examples of a lack of supporting historical evidence. For example, there is no archaeological evidence of the Hebrews even being in Egypt none the less in being enslaved.

  • No

    Even if we disregard all of the supernatural parts there are over 400 contradictions in the Bible. If the Bible can not even agree with itself then how can we trust it to provide an accurate description of history? Because it might have gotten a few names and places right it doesn't mean the rest of it is true.

  • No, the Bible is not historically accurate.

    I agree with the below comment. There are some areas of the Bible that do have a few truths to it for example a few people and places. However the vast majority of the Bible has not been scientifically true or been proven true by archaeologists. There is no independent historical confirmation that anyone named Abraham, or Moses, or Saul, or Daniel, or even Jesus ever actually lived. Many historians believe there wasn't even a town called Nazareth until the 4th century CE. Also in the Bible Noah was apparently alive for 600 plus years as were many other men.... sooooooo yesssssss. I would say due to the fact that Opium was drug of choice back then everyone was a bit out of it to account anything accurately :P

  • The bible is literature

    The bible should be read as literature. Any correlation with actual historical events is purely accidental. (Not my words). Any person of reason must suspend belief otherwise. It's value lies in the moral lessons imparted, not as a historical document. Revisions over the centuries to fit with dogma add to problem.

  • I can't buy it.....

    The new testament, written decades AFTER the life of Jesus, by people who weren't even there, ascribe thoughts and words to a guy - most often when he was ALONE! That there were thriving societies (including the 6th dynasty in Egypt) with uninterrupted historical records show that the flood story is not possible. And we STILL have no idea how kangaroos would be able to travel thousands of miles to what amounts to an island.....(another MIRACLE?) The bible's historical failure to mention dinosaurs notwithstanding. - While a collection of some good advice, and life lessons, it's not historical, and with that also, clearly no proof of a deity.

  • How could it

    Talking snakes? TALKING.FRIGGIN.SNAKES, I mean really, who in their right mind would call a talking snake historically accurate? Crazy people that's who, guess disney's stories are also historically accurate since they also have talking non human animals, and then there is the flood, do you really think it's historically accurate for a guy to make a boat so big it could house MILLIONS of animals? No, just no that is ridiculous

  • Lack of evidence for deities pervasive in all religious texts

    One example of lack of evidence for even the existence of the gods are the discrepancies between the Quran and Christian Bible regarding Jesus. In the Islamic version Jesus is not a god but in the Christian Bible he is a god. Which witch is witch? Another example would be the existence of evil in the world. How is it that a supposedly all knowing, all loving, all benevolent deity would allow seemingly random acts of torture, malnutrition, war, painful and debilitating physical defects of newborns, and the countless other horrors inflicted on humankind? How is it possible to reconcile the all benevolent deity with the relentless suffering in the world. I suggest that we cannot. That no such god exists.

  • There is very little historical information in the bible.

    Please read "The Bible Unearthed" by Israel Finklestein, the leading archeology professor at Tel Aviv University. After decades of digging throughout the Middle East, the scholarly consensus is that the Israelites CREATED their own history. There was no Exodus, no Moses, no flood, no Abraham, no Davidic Kingdom and no Solomon. The Jews readily accept this and it's THEIR history. Now if we can just get Christians to come to terms with it we'll be making some progress.
    As for the New Testament, read "Forged" by Professor Bart Ehrman. He doesn't state anything that modern scholarship doesn't already agree on. It will show you how contrived all of it really is. The bible is just a relic from an ancient civilization that has no bearing on the 21st century.

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Anonymous says2013-09-12T14:56:31.300
When you read the bible you have to fully understand it and go to someone who has biblical knowledge. You cant read it as a novel. Yes indeed if you truly don't understand it it sound like it contradicts itself but it really doesn't.