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  • Culture has an impact.

    As a Christian I can say the bible is definitely NOT inerrant. There are certain mistranslations and skewed facts in there, for example, one I can think of is the translation "God created the world in 7 days." The original meaning of this (in hebrew) was "God created the world in 7 long periods of time".

    Also, Culture has an impact. Most of the Old Testament stuff is irrelevant to Christians today, the rules don't apply, and we believe that this is because Jesus died on the cross to free us from all these strict rules, and the idea that "if you do/don't do these things God is going to be mad and you must sacrifice x many animals to be forgiven". I mean, think about it, the Old testament tells us things like "women are not clean on their period" and that the man musn't share a bed with her in this time, or allow her into the church. Of course we now regard this as total rubbish! So no, the Old Testament is definitely NOT inerrant.

    It is when it comes to the New Testament, that it is more tricky to answer this. The New Testament is really, the only part of the bible that christians now take rules and teachings from (like I said, they believe the OT is now irrelevant due to Jesus's actions - and actually this is why most people believe the bible conflicts... OT and NT conflict, but only one is actually used). However it is largely made up of opinions (since most of the books within it, are in fact letters). Any wise Christian will know which parts should be followed and which parts shouldn't, though I admit it is hard to draw the line.

  • No, it is Not

    The Christian Bible is full of inaccuracies and internal contradictions, not to mention unsupported claims. It has no right to be in the same room as the word "inerrant."

    Of course, believers in the bible will find ways justify their claim; the mental backflips they are able to do is astounding.

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