• Depends you like slavery

    If you truly want to use the bible as your guide then I assume you are fine with slavery, stoning woman for getting raped in a town and genocide. If you disagree with those things your not using the bible as a guide, your using your own internal moral compass. Now assuming none of you reading this are complete monsters I hope you all see that you don't need the bible. I can occasionally provide a good perspective but ultimately do what YOU think is moral.

  • It's a fairy tale

    It's several thousands years old, it's outdated and filled with hate speech not to mention the ridiculousnes of the claims in there, guy built aboat so big it housed 2 of all animals on it, there was a talking snake, how gullible do you have to be to believe it.

    Religion, and thus the bible, have no place in modern society where people do not need some old bok to know what's right and what;s wrong, they already know that, otherwise all non religious people would be in jail but they aren't.

  • Full of contradictions.

    If you believe that the bible is the verbatim word of God, then you have to believe the whole thing, which includes instructions on how to keep slaves. It describes how to prepare burnt offerings to repent for “sins” and become “clean” after a woman’s monthly cycle. Do you believe and practice all that as well?

  • The Bible still

    Has a major impact in our world today. The Bible has set many standards for how people live today. It tells the story of God interacting with his creation. Even if you are not a Christian, it still holds historical significance. The Bible still changes lives today and is still making a major impact today. It holds objective values and outlines right and wrong. It is a living book. On a grandeur scale, Hillary Clinton even quoted scripture in her speech where she accepted defeat. Donald Trump is an alleged Christian as well. The Bible is still relevant today.

  • Yes it does.

    The very laws and morale in the scripture of the foundation and most governments id deprived from the bible and other religious purpose even though today it doesn't play an equal influence. The Bible and other theocratic scripture are the origins of a large portion of today's culture. The term irrelevant is subjected as well so it's difficult to prove that it is NOT relevant to anyone in any way shape or form.

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