• Explain yourselves. What contradictions?

    From a Christian viewpoint, we believe that God directly wrote the Bible through His loyal followers. Timothy 3:16 reads: "All Scripture is GOD-BREATHED, useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness." And yes, that was memorized. Now, you may say that a HUMAN wrote that, and may be self-serving and attributing to himself power, but let me ask you a question. During the time of Timothy, Paul, and the other apostles, would you like to have been a Christian? Power or no power? Romans would throw you in jail and execute you on sight! People would and could stone you in the streets. Christianity was not a major power, and it definitely wasn't fun. Therefore, by these assumptions, we must assume the Bible is perfect, as God is perfect.

  • The Bible is not perfect.

    Like many books, the Bible was written by ordinary people. Ordinary people each have a unique frame of reference that somehow shapes the stories they tell and make them different from anybody else's. The Bible is not perfect because men and women with various slants and biases have come together on one book, so imperfections are to be expected.

  • Not at all.

    There are so many errors within the bible its ridiculous. No disrespect to the book or those who believe in it I just think that from an outsiders standpoint there are many errors and contradictions within it that have been found throughout the years as well as ones that I have found myself.

  • It doesn't trip at the finish line, it doesn't even get off the starting blocks.

    In the beginning, god did several things that just doesn't make sense. He said words and magic happened. He created things in an order that would ensure they do not survive according to natural laws. He puts creatures with at least some semblance of "free will" and then punishes them for exercising it. He creates an environment to ensure things to fail and then punishes the creatures when they do. That is the beginning of the Bible.

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