• God is right

    The Bible is right because God was the one who wrote the Bible, It has been proven that he wrote it. It is his life and those around him. Christians have to follow it because he wrote it so therefore Christians do properly read it properly. We Christians read it properly and follow it.

  • God is right

    The Bible is right because it was written by God. It has been proven that he wrote it. Of course he would write it because it's his life and the life of those he knew. So Christians do read the Bible properly because God wrote it. They have to follow because he is right.

  • Actually, yes we do

    I agree with Unashamed. True Christians will read the Bible because if you read it, you will know it says to read and meditate on His word. And to Imabench>> who says it can't be properly read. UH... One of God's characteristics is language. Know the the Tower Of Babel? It's the story of how men were working to make a stairway to heaven for their own glory, so God scattered the languages and men were scattered across the earth. Anyways, since language a characteristic o f God, He made the Bible so that it is understandable to man. He wouldn't tell us to believe in Him and read and believe and act on what His word says if we COULDN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND IT! So, yes, Christians read the Bible, and yes, it is very possible to understand it. You'll find so many connections and chiasms within it, you'll truly understand His greatness.

  • If they are true Christians.

    If someone is a true believer of God they will pray for understanding of the Bible for things they do not understand. A Christian should read and study the Bible, for it is the Word of God. Sadly, it is not read by A LOT of people but it should be.

  • Most Christians don't read the bible

    If the bible was properly read from the start to the end, a person would start to have doubts about there own beliefs in the book being written by a god. I only had to read the first three books of the bible to lose all faith that this book was ever written by the creator of the universe. I did finish reading the bible and now I am a Atheist and I will raise my children the same ,because I won't trust a god that would ask me to kill my own child, a god that drowned his. Question everything.

  • Of course not

    First off, no one reads the Bible.... The bible is treated like one of those Apple software agreements, you dont actually read it, you just scroll through it, click 'I accept' and move on with your life.

    Also, christians do not properly read the Bible because for that to happen Christians would need to have the ability to properly read, which they do not.

    Lastly, the Bible is f***ing complicated, im pretty sure it cant be properly read by anyone, let alone christians

  • Only about 10% have even read the whole thing.

    Recent research has shown that only around 10% of American Christians have read the entire bible, whereas around 60% of American atheists have. Christians also tend to read the bible with a great deal of bias- assuming everything in it must be true and accurate, skipping over the unethical parts or the parts they think are outdated.
    I maintain that a proper reading of the bible is why most American atheists ARE atheists and not Christian any longer.

  • Considering most arguments I have had with them about homosexuality can be proven wrong by using the Bible, no.

    The headline says it all. In specific questions when a Christian says something about the Bible, I can prove them wrong with the Bible. It doesn't even have to be about homosexuality. The Bible, if read properly, actually supports Atheism. Read 'The Christian Delusion'. But most Christians have not even read it, and it is complicated, so many besides Christians don't read it properly either. It is also doubtful that it was written by God, as missmedic has said. My cousin read the first and part of the second book, and that was one of the reasons he became an Atheist, he tells me.

  • No, but jews do.

    The fact that the Christains keep changing the bible meens there are peices that they miss which contradict there beleifs. The jews however, have kept to the original Hebrew text without change for thousands of years and not once have found a contradiction. Jews read it correctly. Christians do not.

  • If They Did Then There Wouldn't Be Any Christians

    If any Christian read the Bible word for word then they would realise what a vile, selfish and jealous being their God is; such as his persecution of homosexuals and that selling your daughter as a sex slave is acceptable. Considering that most Christians share neither of these views or any other narcissistic ne then I assume they are not aware of the Bible's teachings or they make up the same excuse of, "It's allegorical," despite that these statements cannot be taken allegorically.

  • What do you mean by "properly read"?

    There is no such thing as "properly" reading the Bible. It's all down to interpretation. If a moron reads the Bible and decides that homosexuality is wrong or that all non-believers must be killed, then clearly he's wrong. But that doesn't mean that he read it any less "properly" than someone who took a much more liberal stance. I mean, if you followed the Bible word-for-word, you have to stone your children every time they give you lip. Or get stoned with your children. I dunno, I didn't read it properly...

  • Most certainly not

    The Bible, and almost all religious texts for that matter, are made up of thousands of different "guidelines" to follow in life. However, many people who practice the religion usually pick out only parts of the Bible in which they really practice, rather than actually following the whole thing. This results in most Christians following only a fraction of what the Bible says in its entirety.

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Quan says2013-07-11T13:39:22.880
Christians cannot read. They have a priest do that for them.
AnonyFeline says2013-07-13T05:34:40.850
If Christians actually read the Bible and understood all of what is written therein, they would be surprised.
fractaldreams says2013-07-17T14:00:18.403
This cannot be answered with a yes or a no. Let's just say that it took me leaving the church before I actually studied (and I wonder what we all understand by 'properly') scripture and general theology properly or much more closely than I ever did all those years spent being scared out of my wits about eternal flames and amassing dangerously high levels of guilt. It has been my experience that it is those who doubt, who have all the more reason to examine or scrutinise. Those who accept blindly don't seem to have much of an interest in looking too closely at the implications of certain aspects of the message in this sacred Christian text.

Quan's assertion may have held true prior to Johannes Gutenberg's marvellous invention and prior to the translating of books, but that holds no water today.