• Seems real to me.

    Last I checked, the bible was a real document. You might as well ask is a children's fairy tale book real? Of course it is real, though the contents may be questionable.

    The question must have been misphrased, I assume it means to address the validity of the contents of the bible. In that case, I'd have to say no but only because I have yet to see observable evidence of a past event that the bible claims to exist.

  • The Bible is a True Guide

    Many criticisms have been brought against the Bible, yet it remains a text that can bring hope to the hopeless. The Bible has done what it is supposed to do. It also has many prophecies that have been fulfilled, and many that are yet to be fulfilled. The Bible can be trusted.

  • Quite clearly it isn't real

    Any arguments referring to how Bible changed lives or brought hope to someone are irrelevant to the question. As to the supernatural events and claims described in the Bible, all we know is that someone wrote them a long time ago. They are mostly contrary to science and common sense. The Bible was a viable source of *real* information thousands and hundreds of years ago because there wasn't any other source. Nowadays, however, we explicitly, KNOW a lot of the Bible's content is false. E.G. We know for certain the world is much older than described there. We also know for certain it gets genetics totally wrong. If a higher being who created the world wrote/inspired it, why would it make such cardinal mistakes? Anyway. It is no more real that the Grimm's fairy tales.

  • The Bible is a story book

    I am a Catholic, and I actively practice my religion. However, the Bible was not made as a strict moral code to live our lives by. The stories about the Jews being slaves back in the Egyptian times were true, but not how they were in the Bible. These slaves would've had no education and they would have been very "simple". Therefore, if they were simply told about God, they wouldn't remember it, just like if you wanted your young child to learn something, you wouldn't just tell it to them. You teach your young child some moral values by storytelling (not all moral values, but some of the basic ones). It's the same scenario here. These stories have messages that would have taught these slaves how to live their lives. If we take the Bible literally, that's basically the same as taking every single fairy tale we were told literally.

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