Is the bible so profound that it couldnt have been made up by man?

Asked by: steffon66
  • 66 books, 40 authors, 3 continents, 4000 years.

    The profundity of the Bible's content is up for debate, but its nature is not. Academically, this work is considered one of the most reliable ever made. The manner in which it was created and preserved is astounding. One may disagree with its message, but you cannot write it off as a nonsensical work. Academia itself will not allow it. No, you must consider it reliable first, and disprove it second. And, to date, no one has been able to systematically disprove its contents.

  • I'd love to see it

    So, there is this guy see, that doesn't ACTUALLY exist ... But were gonna make everyone think he exists see, by writing this book that takes the dominant ethic of its time and turns it completely on its head! Instead of Roman Legions crushing all before them with violence ... We'll murder off the lead character, see, after torturing him ... Only he'll win in the end see .. Because his message is more powerful than ... Rome see ... And then we'll plant evidence all over the place and make it all seem real ...See.

    If you don;t think the Bible was revolutionary ad profound, then you take what it has done for granted. Next time you see someone wearing a crucifix ... Remember they we don't crucify people anymore for sport. Somehow, that happened ... It is was not by appealing to the prevailing ethic of the time. To take that for granted today? That is how PROFOUND it really was.

  • Of course, but materialists can NEVER realize it. They will never even see it.

    Truths are found in between the lines of the bible. The morality issues are besides the point. Anybody who has had experiences with or knowledge of the spiritual realm will be able too see through the bible with amazing clarity. I did not believe in any religion before I was made aware of the fact that we all have an eternal, non perishable soul, and we are more than just our physical bodies. Armed with that knowledge/belief than the words that are spoken by people like Jesus and Buddha are so knowledgeable they should blow your mind.

  • Not even close

    Thats one of the problems ive always had with religion no religious book stands out amongst the others like you would expect one to if one was written by a perfect all knowing god. If one was written by god none of the others would be believed. The bible claims that its god is perfect while he has been responsible for massacres than any tyrant and when he is responsible for more torture than every man who ever lived together. Doesnt sound very smart to me. The morality in the bible could be trumped by that of a child. At least a child knows that hurting others is bad. The morality is far from perfect and some claim its the morality of the heart. The reason they thing its the morality of the heart is because its the morality they were raised with and their moral feelings are consistent with it. The conscience consists of vague reminiscences of precepts hear in early youth so its never smarter than ones preacher or parent. What scares me is that we draw our moralities and way to live in this world from ancient literature that was written back when people thought it was appropriate to do horrible and cruel things even to animals. We have modern technology with ancient mind sets and that should scare the hell out of you. We need to grow up or just die. The evil brought on by religion has went on long enough. 9/11 showed us just how socially beneficial dogmatic belief can be.

  • We are scrutinizing the wrong aspect.

    The profoundness can be discovered within those individuals that read the bible and decipher the stories to be applicable to contemporary society. Those same individuals may also impose what they derive from the book unto others, condescendingly, especially those who possess opposing mindsets in regards to the bible.

    Long story short, the bible is another book containing stories and fables which are not necessarily profound, it is those who permeate the contents from the bible into society, in a supercilious fashion, which is profoundly disconcerting.

  • Without sounding like a rambling idiot...

    The Bible is not profound or beyond human comprehension. The books contained therein do not particularly contain many extreme examples of any phenomena which seems to be the trend of religions on the whole; most of it is naturalistic and based more in the society and historical value of that society than in fantastical adventures. Numbers, for instance, is just genealogy.

  • Lulz, hell no.

    I am still searching for the so called profound parts in the Bible.

    If you call contradictions profound then yes the Bible is profound. If you call lies profound, then the Bible is extremely profound. I think you see where I am going with this.

    The Bible is just a book with some really bad knowledge in it with a bit of normal ethics thrown in for good measure.

  • There is nothing profound about the bible.

    It is merely a series of books written by multiple people about events long in their past, and merged together by a group of people in order to bring stability and control to an out of control group of people who couldn't agree on a belief system.
    It has been used throughout history to persecute and justify evil by it fans, and to this day provides not a shred of evidence of anything in it.
    Comparatively, there is more truth in the Harry Potter series than in the bible.

  • It was written by man!

    Haven't we missed a trick here? The bible is a collection of stories written by man (aka Apostles).

    Ever played chinese whispers? Or tell a story a few years later and forget a few details?

    Maybe there were fish... And 20 people, exaggeration and its 5000.

    So in answer to the question - the bible has already been made up by man.

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