• The Bible gives us purpose and direction!

    The Bible is absolutely the greatest book ever written and as the word of God clearly states every knee shall bow one day! History has proven over the years that this book is indestructible! So many have tried to disclaim the authority and truth of this book and have tried to destroy it but because God Is in control this book will forever be the greatest book ever written! Our Story!!!! Human Kind! Our beginning, our choices and paths, and our ending: Heaven or Hell!

  • Source of Practical Living

    In the Bible are principles for a just Legal system; principles for finance; principles for living - marriage, relationships and getting on with difficult people. Mostly it introduces God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son and the wonderful Holy Spirit - and reveals the mind of God, His thoughts, plans, reasons, and love for fallen man.

  • It is the most influential.

    In the sense that it is the most important and influential book of all time, it is the greatest by a long shot. In that regard, no other book even comes close except possibly the Quran. However, it was written before our current standards of good literature were in place, so it is beyond judgment if you're talking about how well-written it is.

  • On morals and values, yes, the Bible is the greatest book ever written.

    I believe that the Bible is greatest book ever written. It maybe is not the best literature but on values and morals, it is spot on. The Bible talks of no hate, only love for everybody, which is what we should live like everyday, should we not?! I just think even if you don't believe in the stories that the Bible tells, we should take the values to heart.

  • I agree that the Bible is the greatest book ever written!

    Without the Bible, there would be no standards for anyone to live by and the world would fall into utter chaos because anything will pass as "okay." Without the Bible, murderers would be able to run around killing people freely. Why? Because who's going to stop them? Not the government, because the Bible is "fiction." Even the constitution was written on Biblical principles. There would be no difference between right and wrong without it.

  • Most likely.

    As the holy book of the most popular religion in the world, it is most likely the most well known and most purchased book in the world as exact figures are not known. Most people own a private copy of the bible, some hotels purchase a bible for each private room and churches purchase bibles for ceremonies. The actual wording of "greatest", however, automatically makes all answers an opinion because the greatest book is not necessarily the most popular or read nor the most enjoyed. Throughout history the bible have inspired people to do things they would not have done without the inspiration of "Jesus" and "The Lord".

  • An incredible piece of work

    At the very least, it is an amazing work of fiction that has inspired so many different people and so many different artists. At the most, it is the most important thing you will ever read. What other two-thousand year old year old novel can you think of that is still being discussed today?

  • It Is The Greatest

    The Bible is the greatest book ever written. It is the most popular and most sold book ever. You can go almost everywhere in the world and buy a Bible. You can also find a lot of variations of the book. No other book has so many things dedicated to it.

  • The Bibile is one of the most fascinating books ever written

    Regardless of one's religious or spiritual beliefs, the Bible is without a doubt arguably one of the most interesting books ever written. Although various versions have been created through out the years, the fact that such a book has existed for as long as it has qualifies it as one of the greatest books written.

  • The Only Source of Light in this dark world.

    Why is it that half the NO answers are so hypocritical? No the point of the bible was to understand the meaning of life. You can accept it or not. Follow it or not, It can be real or not to you. You decide, For it says it in the bible itself. Heck, The entire Bible says it in your face! It also said on slaves that he is also a man therefore should be treated with respect. It also says "love your neighbor. " I don't consider drunken knights and mad kings (the crusaders) true "Christians". It never says to kill in the bible. Nor does it say to enslave. The Crusades are just an excuse using the bible to kill and slaughter etc. But not what the actual bible says. And to those who did not read the Bible or know the basic story line, Go re read it.

  • Its simply wrong

    The bible is horrific. It inspires and encourages homophobia, sexism, questionless obedience, slavery, war, delusion, disbelief in facts of science, blind faith, opression of differant ways of thinking and differant religions, a skewed moral system overall, and is so contradictory its laughable. Word of god? Have you read the thing?

  • This is still a question?

    Since this is about the book itself and not its effects, I'll say it's an okay book. Some parts are entertaining, and the idea of it makes it a bit more enjoyable. The greatest book ever written? Not a chance. It's made by different authors so its style is inconsistent (it's not really fair to judge it as one book). The frequent contradictions are annoying and so are many of the morals (It was written to control people effectively so it needed some form of enforcement, not that that's a bad thing, but it has some consequences on the quality of the book). Overall, it's very boring.

  • This is still a question?

    Since this is about the book itself and not its effects, I'll say it's an okay book. Some parts are entertaining, and the idea of it makes it a bit more enjoyable. The greatest book ever written? Not a chance. It's made by different authors so its style is inconsistent (it's not really fair to judge it as one book). The frequent contradictions are annoying and so are many of the morals (It was written to control people effectively so it needed some form of enforcement, not that that's a bad thing, but it has some consequences on the quality of the book). Overall, it's very boring.

  • Most enduring, but not the greatest.

    Something about the moral lessons in the Bible have resonated over time. But I don't think it's the greatest book ever written in the history of mankind. For that, I'd have to go with something more substantial like Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City series. The Bible gained much of its "popularity" from being rammed down the throats of commoners by rulers and priests trying to claim a moral authority of some sort. Hardly a fair market.

  • It describes evil things in such a way that allows people to take it literally.

    Many people say the evil stories written in the bible have to be read through a spiritual understanding rather than a literal conception. Though it is not very realistic to suppose that everyone should and would understand the "real" meanings behind those barbaric stories. It is often true that people "miss read" the Bible and used it's ideology on the wrong thing. Ever since the bible was created, not only people didn't stop fighting war, there were more wards occurred and a lot of them waged the "Christian Flag".
    Christian logic of what the Bible is trying to say seems to be able to choose what is to be understand as a spiritual symbol and what is to be read as literal message. For example, while the some what horrific character Moses' stories is to be taken as a spiritual sign, the promotion of slavery and the hatred towards homosexuality are often used literally to enslave and attack innocent people.
    In conclusion, Bible is a mythology book and the meaning of which is often miss understood and used on the wrong thing such as "religious" wars. Therefore, the world would most likely to be a better place had the Bible never been written. Thus it can not be the greatest book ever written.

    Posted by: jin
  • The most evil book ever written.

    The bible is without a doubt on top of my list of most evil books ever written. Tops the Quran and Mein Kampf. Any person who can actually read the bible from cover to cover and not be utterly disgusted at least once every two pages is a horrific person with evil morality.

  • Not a good book. Certainly not literature.

    This book is violent and immoral. It encourages murder, slavery, rape, incest, child abuse, human sacrifice, etc. The writing certainly isn't good- it's sporadic and often vague. It's pretentious.

    Sure it's had significant influence on loads of people, but most cults do that too. Among those influenced by the bible is Adolf Hitler: frankly, any book that can inspire a man to kill millions of Jews, homosexuals, "witches", Gypsies, etc is not a book I would call "good".

  • Fatal flaws in the bible

    The bibles and religions, are generally filled with contradictions and confusion. God is portrayed as someone that committed as many atrocities as he did miracles of good (killing people for wrongdoings, giving advice on how humans must bring death to fellow humans). The bible is a horrible book with an immense amount of violence. The word kill is used much more than the word love. If god is pure love, why would he himself punish and kill people and tell people to punish and kill as well. The bible tells us to punish disobedient children with death! Wearing clothing of different fabrics is a sin?! Ridiculous! The bible is a deeply flawed and nonsensical book.

  • No

    The Bible is a very important book, whether you love it or hate it or believe it or not. But the greatest? Not a chance. Probably the worst book to read on morality, or one of them. Follow Christ or be tortured forever after you die. Very moral. Wishdust - How does has the large majority of the world (non-Christians) not fallen into chaos? Nay, why do the far more secular European countries exhibit higher qualities of life by so many measures? Furthermore, a glance through the history books, and the Bible itself, says this to be laughably incorrect. Do you want to kill homosexuals? How about non-Christians? If you said no, you'd be punished, probably killed, as a heretic for much of Christianity's history. Slaves? Supported and outlined in the Bible. The list goes on. The Bible is an excuse for people to give credence to whatever morality they concoct, it is by no means a good guide. Now you'll find homosexual Christian pastors. Should be a hint.

  • Only in people's opinion.

    Everyone has their own opinion to which book is the greatest book ever written, some people don't consider any one book to be the greatest. Many Christians believe that the greatest book ever written is the Bible, similarly many Muslims believe it is the Qu'ran. Many of my friends say it is Harry Potter, and a lot of English teachers will say it's a Shakespeare play or a Jane Austen novel. But at the end of the day it's a matter of opinion; there is no wrong or right answer.

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talk2shakir says2017-05-11T23:02:14.727
Unreliable site with multiple votes from the same person, where even the argument is same, word for word!
talk2shakir says2017-05-11T23:10:21.150
The deliberate attempts of multiple voting to increase the YES percentage says it all.....Dishonest means to up vote a dishonest text!
Org.debate4 says2018-05-10T05:51:34.517
The space in this box asked me to document my supporting argument. If you believe in a burning bush if you believe in someone parting the Seas if you believe in someone turning water to wine then you are misguided and I envy you. Anyone who exactly believes the Bible verbatim is a very lucky person because believing that God and Jesus were real or bring you great comfort (or if you go to Catholic School it will bring you great shame, LOL)
The Bible is the greatest novel ever written. It is full of hyperboles stories meant to teach you something. There is no burning bush there is no water to wine there is no parting of any seas. The stories in the Bible, emphasis on "stories" are taken literally is ridiculous. If they're taken as they're are meant, which is to teach us things via a story or hyperbole then we are utilizing this great novel as it was intended. Anyone who truly believes there is a God and a Jesus and it gives them Faith and Hope is a very lucky person. It gives them solace and peace. If they believe the Bible is a literal interpretation of events that actually occurred they are delusional. I am in no way saying I don't believe there is a God or something greater than us or whatever I'm simply stating the fact that the Bible is not based on actual events. May God be with you.