• Yes yes and yes

    In the Bible God is always telling stories or talking about stuff that will happen he said that he would create the world and he did he said he would have his own son Jesus to come and die for us because he loved us from day one and he promises that he will come again Jesus will for the rapture amen praise God and also God gives us free will to choose Heaven or Hell it is so hard for God he wants you to go to Heaven I promise all of you everyone on Debate.Org That God is real that there is a Heaven and Hell and that Jesus did die for us. I swear to the Bible if I'm lying I'm 100% sure!

  • Yes it is

    Oh, and Jesus was not a prophet, he was the messiah, how many times do I need to tell you Muslims this for you to understand? However, I do not trust the gospels of Matthew, mark, and Luke, because mark and Luke were not disciples, and Matthew copied mark, but other than that the bible is pretty trust able, but if you were looking for the good stuff, go to the prophets of the Old Testament.

  • This is the Word of God

    According to Dictionary.Com, the definition of word is a "unit of language that functions as a principal carrier of meaning". If one applies this definition, they could most definitely say that the Bible is the Word of God because God lesson's are not always communicated by mouth, but by His actions. Anyways, if one does not believe in God, consider this... The Bible has many great lessons in it and anyone can learn from the values taught in it to become a better person. No one is forcing you to believe Jesus is the Son of God, or God is God, but at least read about the values taught to make yourself a better person and to make the Earth a better place.

  • God may not be the one wrote it but his disciple does.

    Every expedition they did, new disciple would wrote something to let the people know what God did for us. Now, if you really think that God don't exist that only explain that you are an anti - Christ but I can say this to you, Bible is full of wisdom that should be pass down to generation to generation because not only let us be guided to the world of evilness but it also help us know that we can change if we wanted. Besides, immoral values only shows up to bible because that's only showing what really happening in the reality. Isn't the teen ager in this century being immoral? Women may be a sexist in there but it only served as an example that woman should never betrayed their husband in everything they do because it will be unreasonable to my God.

  • Who is God?

    I think the Bible could be the word of God, assuming that God is a figure that resides in our minds. One could interpret God as being in our minds, and so when he was in our minds when the Bible was written, the words on the pages are the words of God. I don't mean that God is inside each of us in a preaching sense, as I'm not religious. I mean the idea of him is there, and so with influence from this idea, the Bible was written. If this idea is God that influenced the people who wrote the Bible, then the Bible is the word of God.

  • The Bible is false all the way.

    I have to say this now. God doesn't exist. Therefore the Bible is not a word of God at all. Even if it was a word of God, why would anyone in the world want to follow it other than cis-gender, white males. It is sexist and racist, homophobic etc. The Bible is a terrible book and is not the word of God.

  • God did not write the Bible

    The Bible was written by people. There are several passages that make me doubt that the Bible is the literal word of God; some of the things it says about women are sexist; women should be subservient to their husbands and not have a voice in society, and that's just one example. Biblical narratives such as this are only a reflection of the social and moral views of the authors at the time it was being written.

  • It's been altered

    Jesus (peace be upon him) is a prophet, a messenger, the word of God "Allah" (The Bible) delivered to him have been altered for political and other reasons multiple times by multiple regimes across time, then came Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and with him came The Quran, correcting what's been altered and completing what's been taken off The Bible and Torah (Old Testaments)

  • No,The bible is not the word of God.

    The bible fails in all ramifications to be from God.We can begin by asking,which bible is exactly from God.

    * The syrianic bible has 61 books
    * The protestant bible has 66 books
    * 73 books in the roman catholic bible
    * 76 books in the Charismatic version
    * 78 books in the Greek Orthodox version
    * 81 books in the Ethiopic version
    * 75 books in the coptic version..

    These are bibles,which of the bibles are we talking about?

  • It was not it was by man and the bible god like any other does not exist

    You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality. – Ayn Rand

    THERES NO god, IM AN ATHEIST, YOU ARE CRATED BY CHANCE, YOU GO TO WHERE YOU WERE BEFORE BIRTH OF A ANIMAL, god DOESN'T EXIST, I DONT BELIEVE IN god... NO god, NO HEAVEN, NO HELL, NO AFTERLIFE... There is literally no more prove than other religion... I can't believe some people are that stupid to believe in god and santa😂😂😂

  • NO it is not

    While I acknowledge the above argument 'God may not be the one wrote it but his disciple does', the bible is not what God, or in the case of Christianity, Jesus said so many centuries ago. While a lot of it might be, a most of it are not word-to-word quotes of Jesus. And when such things are done, there is a lot depending on the interpretation of the disciple who wrote it. And there is always a margin for human error. No one is perfect, and no work done by any man is without flaw.

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ladiesman says2016-01-10T04:59:57.093
According to Christian and Jewish theology, the Ten Commandments came directly from God. They provide the basic framework for moral guidance; don't murder, don't steal, don't covet, etc., but today's world is too complex for the Bible to provide moral guidance on what to do in particular situations.
harrytruman says2016-01-10T09:29:11.947
That's because no one cares about following the ten commandments anymore, sometimes I wonder why we didn't end up like Sodom and Gomorrah, oh yeah, that's right, if there's only one good person left in a place, god won't destroy it.