Is the Bible the Word of God (KJV) if it really has errors, even 1 small error?

Asked by: Ruckmanite
  • Umm How about Yes

    This argument has been debated and concluded in the Christian Churches already. The Bible is not God speaking through the mouth of the human, it is man's response to God through divine inspiration.

    Yes God is Infallible but men, as you can see today and all throughout history, are absolutely not infallible (with maybe some exceptions). But none of those exceptions include the translators.

  • The King James Version is not the original Bible.

    The title says KJV. The King James Bible is an interpretation and not by recent English speaking people. It becomes a double interpretation. Interpretation into Old English and an interpretation from Old English into Modern English, and there is a big difference. Perhaps it's even a triple interpretation. There is no guarantee that the original interpreter interpreted every thought 100% correctly in reference to what the original meaning of the original author. There are some words in one language that have NO interpretation or same meaninged wword in another language. Example in Cherokee(Native American) there is no word for love. You must explain how you feel. There is no way to directly say,"I love you," as you can in English. The same goes for some concepts in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, etc. But in the logic of it all, the meaning and command of the Bible is simple. Love God. Love others. And with not only your words but with your actions. Jesus died for your sins. Interpretations of all sorts still all depict that simple message well.

  • Yes, and it doesn't have to just be KJV.

    It doesn't really matter which translation you look at, the answer is still the same: yes.. There are errors, contradictions, etc., but what would you expect from imperfect people? Also, the errors and contradictions in some of the stories are in the minor details. For example, let's look at the resurrection of Jesus. The gospels all have different accounts of what happened at the empty tomb, but the differences are in the details. A philosopher would say, "This has lots of errors; it must not be accurate." But a historian would say, "Yes, this has errors, but the major points remain the same throughout several accounts."

  • The word of God written by man

    The Bible is the word of God written by man. That being said, God is perfect, but men are far from it. Any "errors" in the Holy book would have had to be a humans miscalculation or misunderstanding although I do not believe that to have occurred. I am curious what "errors" you are thinking of though?

  • Show me one error in the King James Bible... Just one error...

    Come and post on my wall if you think you have one but until then I will continue to regard the King James Bible as the Holy Preserved Words of the Blessed One. Just show me one single contradiction if you have one. Please post. May God and His Son Jesus Christ Bless you all.

  • Word of God?

    It doesn't matter which translation you look at, they all have so many errors and contradictions. In fact I am not sure how people can not see them, and if they do see them why do they ignore them. If the bible is true, then god is a monster. The things that this book advocates can be put on a level with the most horrific in history! Slavery, mass killing (men, women, and children), rape, kidnapping and so on. Theses are just a few. Why would anyone willingly follow this book without really investigating the truth of its inception and its evolution in time? The bible truly does produce atheists upon careful critical evaluation. In fact it is my experience that after years and years of study of this book and debates with religious and non-religious people the most knowledgeable (biblical) people are atheists! The bible is certainly not the word of god!

  • No, The bible is like any other book

    The bible (All of them) is full of errors, contradictions, fallacies and non-answers. If a god wanted a message to be clear and error free, a god would use another means besides the written word. I see no evidence that any "bible" is the word of any "god", errors or not.

  • God is Infallible

    It seems pretty simplistic to me that if the Bible has even 1 small error that can be proven, or a contradiction that can be proven, then it is not the Word of God. As such, I believe that the KJV english Bible doesn't have a single error in it, since it is God's word. And before these lame christians start citing that the originals were error-free, let it be remembered that the originals are NO LONGER HERE! If God is truly God, then He must have a preserved, error-free translation and/or copy of His word available. I believe it's the King James Bible in english.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T20:52:59.360
God's word has been defined as the truth or the light.

An error in fact does not necessarily imply an error in truth.

A statement can be factually erroneous but still convey an undeniable truth.

E.G. "I will make you fishers of men" does noes not mean Jesus sat down and showed his followers how to bait, cast the line, and reel in actual people or catch them with a net, but taught them how to hold up idea and set of ideals to attract people to join and follow the teachings.
Did all these followers know how to fish? The fishermen probably did, and the desert people probably didn't, but that was the method that worked for him to generate followers, likes, and +1s in that era. The bible merely recorded the occurrance and maybe even just the fictional idea of it.