• The Bible is the Truth

    The Bible has been archaeologically verified. Therefore it is historically true.

    The Bible has been prophetically verified. That means that many of the things that were foretold came to pass. This further adds verifies that the Bible is the truth.

    The Bible speaks to the lost state of humanity and offers salvation. It is true that humanity is lost and in need of salvation. And it is true that the salvation the Bible offers through Jesus Christ is able to save the one who calls out in faith.

  • Yes it is.

    In this argument i will refute the 3 cases already posed by people voting 'no', and build a case of my own.

    So to start with "ObamasM0mma".
    He claims Christianity took the idea of a resurrection from Egyptian mythology, this has been disproven for over 100 years. The 'zeitgeist challenge' remains unanswered, nobody has been able to substantiate these claims. They are made by occultists and mythists and no Egyptian historian supports them.

    As for "other books which aren't in the Bible", this is not a refutation of the books which are in the Bible, hence is invalid. During the second to fourth century AD, many fake Gospels were created, and those were routed out which is why they don't appear in the Bible. Anyone can research those books, and why they are considered fraudulent. For instance, these books clearly lack insight into the places, people and times they attempt to speak about, unlike the legitimate gospels.

    As for "jakoplant1", he claims it is untrue, essentually because it recalls miracles. This is a non-sequitur. You cannot discount something merely because it has a miracle in it. People raising from the dead was just as unlikely in those days as it is today, and this is why these events were recorded, because of their profound rarity.

    As for "mortmain", his is essentially the same argument.

    As for my own, the Bible has been rigorously tested for approaching 2000 years, it is considered a vital source of information for every serious historian studying the period. Its historical insight is spot on, verified time and time again. Some things are unknown, ofcourse, but if all we have been able to verify has been verified true, as it has, then there is no basis to claim the Bible is not true.

  • Yes the bible is real and if it wasn't then we wouldn't have a pope.

    Jesus named the first pope Simon Peter and he was real. We know that both men and women are real because god created us. When you question if the the bible is real stop and ask yourself if the bible wasn't real then why go to church, why have a pope, why even live at all. When asking if the bible is real stop and ask yourself do i have a spirit and if so why because god has one and is one of the many ways he connects with us.

  • People just don't understand!

    Most people say that the Bible is not real because it isn't realistic. Think about it. Are ANY religions realistic? I am unaware of any. God is believed to be real by all of Christianity because it has actual proof. Like a book. A BIG book for that matter. Oh yeah, and buildings all over the world to come every Sunday (or more) to worship and praise him. That is why God IS real and the Bible speaks truly about Him.

  • Yes The Bible is true

    Yes the bible i true because there is proof. There have benn things that have happened that the bible said would happen. The writers of the bible were inspired by God. For example Paul. God converted Paul and inspired him to write all those letters to different places. O k

  • Year 7 class response

    Is The Bible True???

    Our Table - Against:
    Unbelieveable -
    How do we know if people were actually there?
    2. Might be based on truth but exaggerated -
    people have just exaggerated
    some things are unbelievable
    some things they have done are just not possible
    too many miracles
    3. The writers of the bible all have the same stories but they are all still different (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)
    They were written for different people
    The writers probably heard of the story from someone and the story could've been passed around so its a bit like chinese whispers
    There is no evidence that the bible is true.
    How do we know? There is no one alive today that can tell us that it happened.
    Class Reasons - AGAINST:
    How would people know the details of creation if no one was there?
    No mention of dinosaurs and we have evidence that there was dinosaurs before humans
    John missed some things compared to the other gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke)
    Class Reasons - FOR:
    Bible talks about miracles and we have evidence of miracles in our life
    4 different authors wrote Gospels with very similar stories - the four gospels are written very differently but they all have the same message, meaning and recollection. (4 different witnesses)
    The four Gospel writers probably never met yet they all have the same stories just with small but different features
    Old Testament written for Jewish people and the reason its different is because it wasn’t written by a catholic whereas if it was written by a catholic it would be completely different.
    Its our faith and its our faith to have hope, faith and love for Christ so if you go against that you are basically saying the whole catholic religion is fake.

  • I believe the Bible is true

    There are numerous historical discoveries that agree with what the Bible says, such as artifacts that have been uncovered by archaeologists and other pieces of evidence. That alone should be enough to convince people; there are also countless personal accounts and experiences that prove there is a God. Miracles still happen; it's just that some people aren't willing to believe it, and some people back then weren't either. So it's really just a matter of whether you're willing to believe it or not.

  • Yes The Bible is true but not exactly precise.

    First off we must realize the Bible was not written in english and therefore has been translated many many times over time from hebrew to greek and so on, but not only hebrew and greek but old hebrew and greek. We have to realize that there is a major difference between hebrew and english, and take that in when we read. I think based on proofs and evidence found by scientist, historians, and archeologist that the history in the bible is accurate and true but not exactly precise.

  • E: Absolutely yes / M: yes and no

    There's evidence that the Bible is true; things it talks about, such as the Dead Sea scrolls have been discovered, and say what the Bible quotes them to say. It offers a very good explanation of why and how we came to be here. -E

    THe bible is a human creation and therefore it is both good and bad, and contains both truth and lies. It may have been, at least partially, inspired by divine... Whatever that other person said, but it was still written by humans, and translated by humans, and retold by humans, and basically warped over time by humans. That's not to say there isn't truth and godly divine messages or whatever but it's not completely and wholly and unquestionably true in every aspect and detail. Not by a long shot.

  • Stories for Morality, History for Evidence

    There are so many stories, or parables, in the bible that we often forget that those stories are just that, stories. By using these stories you can gain interest so that people actually listen and understand, and they can gain morality for life. So some things in the bible are just stories, but then there are the historical truths that can be proven throughout other historical records. For instance, the destruction of Jerusalem, Israel's time in Babylon, the Dead Sea Scrolls, etc. People often discredit these historical things because all they can see are the stories.

  • Not in this universe.

    It's full of magic and contradictions, ranging from "Immaculate Conception", to guys walking on water, and countless people being raised from the dead (not just Jesus, Matthew 27:52-53). But, it does tell you how to defecate, and that part is true, I totally agree you should cover up where you've shat (Deut. 23:12-14) !

  • No its not

    The bible isn't true. The Torah (5 books of Moses) is true though. Many different religions have a dude that was born a virgin, crucified and resurrected in 3 days. Christianity took the idea from Egyptian mythology, which existed before Christianity. Torah says in the last book never to add or change it. So why do Christians believe their exempt from G-d's word? Regardless what the Christian pamphlets say in the church Jesus didn't fulfill the prophecies of G-d. Actually average people have completed more of the prophecies then Jesus ever has. You know how the bible was Assembled? There's many books besides what's included the bible. Back in the day Catholics attempted to translate, and pick and chose which ones they though were right. Even though many of the books disagreed with each other. And they put together their cherry picked books to form the bible. Burning all the other books that don't agree with them. Forbidding them across the land. So how confident are you that the Catholics translated and picked correctly? To find the truth you have to look at the Torah which existed before this time period. G-d's word was confirmed by 3 million Jews that witnessed g-d. Proving the Torah is Divine. The Torah does not require anyone to believe in the messiah. It does not speak of an eternal hell. So how can such things be added? It can't. The Torah says in the last book never to add to it. The Torah is eternal, unchangable, does not match up with the new testament which tries to overwrite G-d's word and calls G-d's word old.

  • The Bible is has a variety of flaws-- both logical flaws and moral flaws.

    Just because some things mentioned in the Bible are true does not mean the entire book must be true. Yes, there is evidence supporting the Bible, but at the same time, there is also a slew of evidence that goes against it.
    Plus, the Bible is full of contradictions, errors, and inconsistencies. I could list them all out for you, but that would take quite a long time. (Just search up "Bible inconsistencies" and you will understand what I mean). If God truly has infinite knowledge, why would the Bible be so inherently flawed?
    Furthermore, recent estimates suggest there have been nearly 4,200 different religions in the world. (Many of these other religions, such as Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism also have so-called evidence for their beliefs). What makes Christianity and the Bible any more credible than all of these other religions?
    Here is my final argument. God is supposed to be an all-loving being... Right? Or so it says in the Bible. But then why is there so much death, pain, and suffering in the world? Why are billions of innocent children beaten, raped, starved, tortured and killed? If God is infinitely powerful and infinitely kind, couldn't he just erase all the sin from the world and let every living creature live in perfect harmony? If you say "he cannot do this", this means God is NOT all-powerful. And if you say "he CAN erase suffering and sin from the world, but he doesn't want to", this means he is NOT all-loving or kind. The description of God in the Bible is quite literally impossible-- both from a logical standpoint, and from a moral standpoint.

  • Parts of the Bible contradict with scientific fact

    In my opinion, Bible is not true. It contains some facts that are different and do not supported by science discovery. For example, the Earth was created in six days six thousand years ago, totally different from the age of Earth we know now in scientific community- about 4.5 billion years old. I disagree with the idea of Creationism too because Evolution had been tested to fit the world well and supported by evidences until now and is recognized as fundamental theory in Biology. Since Bible should be words of God, I expect it contains no error, but in fact, it does have. So, I think that Bible is not a reliable source and I do not dare to believe any events and facts in it unless it is supported by scientific evidences.

    These are some of the reasons I think Bible is not true, at least parts of it. Thank you!

  • Probably not true

    The Bible is most likely not true, because there are just too many contradictions (such as the differing accounts of the flood) and "facts" that cannot be proven (the entirety of the creation story, for example) to say that it is definitely true. There are also things such as objects that have been carbon dated to before the 6000ish year period that the Bible puts forward, which could not exist if the Bible was true. Yes, some things in the Bible may be close to truth, or have some basis in reality, but for the most part, the Bible cannot be taken seriously.

  • A Lack of Faith? Or a Lack of Proof?

    The bible has not been as thoroughly vetted by history as you think! Many of the techniques that were and are used to prove the bible, are from the bible!
    The bible contradicts it's self on a regular basis, shows obvious morals, and produced a group of people I find annoying....

    My logic knows no bounds.

  • I believe the bible is not true...

    Jesus makes promises in the bible about how prayer is supposed to work. In matthew 21:21 "I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." but if you really throw yourself in the sea are you getting what you want?

  • It's not true

    It's very unlikely that the bible is true. There are just too many contradictions (such as all the different accounts of the flood mixed together) and unsupported "facts" (such as the theory of creation itself). There are also a ton of things (such as objects that have been carbon-dated to before 6000ish years old) that couldn't exist if the bible was true.

  • The Bible is fiction

    Do we really have any proof for the Bible? No scientist has ever proven that there is an invisible man watching everything you do, every second of every day. Also, evolution is a fact but creationism is just crazy. I am so sorry but you need to find proof of something before you can believe it.

  • No, absolutely not.

    Even if I were to grant that MAYBE god created the Earth 6000 years (planting evidence that it is actually billions of years old just to screw with us), there is nothing we can do about the contradictions. Logical contradictions is the only thing that you can not get around of.

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