Is the Bible valid evidence for God's existence?

Asked by: CosmoJarvis
  • Bible stories are support factual evidence.

    Some stories from the bible coincide with Vedic Satapatha Brahmana, Bhagavad Gita and factual evidence
    There was once a big gulp of land call Pangea (god seperated the waters)
    Pangaea existed during the Permian and Triassic geological time periods, which were times of great change.
    Pangea was broken into two continental landmasses Gondwanaland and Laurasia.
    Noahs flood is repeated in hindu as Manu was trusted by one of the Lords--Vishnu to save the population from a big flood.........
    The giant ocean that surrounded the continent is known as Panthalassa. Around 175 million years ago the movement of Earth's tectonic plates formed Pangaea and ultimately broke it apart.
    So IMHO all tho the scritpures were edited (and re-edited) by James the King in 1611....Not everything from this book is a lie

  • The Bible Is a Primary Source

    The Bible was written by people but the words were spoken by God through those people. If you look at the situation this way, of course there will be a delayed time period. You can say there is concrete evidence for denying the Bible, but the Bible is concrete evidence for denying that. Both sides, from a spectating point of view, can be seen as not having enough evidence. If you are wrong about God, you have wasted your eternity. If I am wrong about God, I have wasted my life. Which one would you prefer?

  • Only if corroborated.

    Bolstered by undeniable and secular, scientific, empirical evidence. Miracles biblical grade are welcome. Self-proclaimed Prophets need not apply. Video footage preferred. Only then will specific proof be linked back to the bible. Anything more is excessive. Anything less is blasphemy. Hopefully the prophets of today go for less while some lucky fool goes for more.

  • The bible prove these

    It is clearly stated that in the beginning was the word and the word was God Himself and the word was with God... Ref john 1vs 1
    also the bible was written by people who are God inspiration.
    Therefore the Bible is the valid evidence for God presence yesterday today and forever.

  • Just as much as Marvel Comics are valid evidence of Spiderman existing.

    It's a dang book full of personal testimony. Nothing can really be verified or denied as no one currently was alive in the period where the events of the bible happened. In fact in a lot of cases, there is tons of concrete/physical evidence that contradicts events in the bible (Pretty much the entire creation story and most of Genesis).

  • The Bible Is a Secondary Source

    The Bible is a secondary source, or information is one that was created later than the event(s) that took place by a person or group that did not experience first-hand or participate in the events or conditions being researched. For that reason, I believe that the Bible is an invalid piece of information. There is a gap of around 40 years between Jesus's death and the writing of the first gospel. It is believed that the New Testament was written hundreds of years after Jesus's death, however.

  • The Bible Was Written By Humans

    The title is enough. The bible was not written by god, it was written by humans who wanted to push their own ideals through manipulating others into believing there is a higher power watching them. Of course there isn't a higher power watching over them. This is a completely ludicrous idea.

  • No it's silly

    That's like me saying ''it has been proven the sky is made out of turds''
    then someone says where is your proof/source? I am! It just doesn't work, might as well call a superman comic proof superman exists.

    Note, just because the bible is old doesn't make it any more valid, I can now write a book about how flyingpoopoounicornman was saving earth and then store it away only for it to be found 2000 years later, doesn't mean it's automatically true what is now in that old book.

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