TBBT is the only logical explanation, its not silly religion. Earth and the universe has to do with science not the bible. God does not know about science. If you believe in science then you know TBBT is true. There is just too much evidence to prove it! Science>Religion :D

  • It's True. The Big Bang Theory

    Scientists have confirmed that it is true. It shouldn't be the Big Bang THEORY. It should be the Big Bang since it's true. You have no evidence that God created the world. The Bible stories were passed down and could be completely false. THE BIG BANG THEORY IS SO TRUE

  • Not enough evidence, but more realistic than a "God" creating the universe.

    Some people say that God created everything, and with such confidence, but how do they know. No one truly knows how it all happened, but at least The Big Bang Theory has evidence supporting it. Rather than God, having no evidence at all. For those of you that say, "Then how come things are so perfectly in balance?" Like plants giving giving off oxygen, and we need oxygen to survive. This is called evolution. Everything evolved to breath oxygen. People that comment on this, please give evidence that God created everything.

  • Yes the Big Bang Theory is True.

    Much evidence supports the Theory. Cosmic radiation supports the big bang theory. Through instruments, scientists can actually see cosmic radiation that the Theory predicts would be there. Also, space and time appear to be expanding in all directions, leading to the conclusion that there was a focal point for the expansion. Finally the big bang theory predicts that the universe and time are finite, and science investigations support this.

  • God? Don't get me started.

    I am pretty sure I am an Atheist (opinions can change). What I do believe in is science. Cold, Hard, Facts. I have not seen any evidence supporting god existing and if he did, how was he created. Perhaps I just can't understand his existence because it is beyond my grasp. You probably lead a happier life believing in god and heaven, But I would rather believe in the little evidence supporting the big bang.

  • I think God used the big bang to create the universe

    And here is why:
    I even looked at Wikipedia to make sure and a lot of science video. It takes a bit thinking though.
    Also it's too coincidental that life and the big bang arose randomly. People are still trying to figure out the reason for the big bang.


    Yes, much evidence supports this theory. There is even more evidence for the existence of the big bang than for a single god that would have created this earth. Also think about this, if time began at the big bang then there was no time for god to have created the universe prior to the big bang.

  • It is true

    I believe the Big Bang Theory is true. There is enough evidence for me to believe this. The fact that our universe is expanding and is able to track back all the way to one point, makes sense to me. I can't say I don't believe in God because I have my whole life, but the Big Bang is just making more sense to me right now.

  • Yes yes yes

    The big bang theory is true because the world was created somehow, right? And i believe every word that Stephen Hawking says because if you might have a disability, you have great senses that do work. Stephen Hawking has a disorder that doesn't allow for him to walk or speak, but he is blessed with a photographic memory.

  • The Big Bang Theory

    The big bang is true because science has proved this and there is no god.All religions are human made no religion is true there is no prove that god created universe.Only in the book it is written in religion book's only.I should say we should throw away all religions because they all are false science has proved this and big bang is true and science has also prove there is no god and big bang is true.

  • FAKE as ever

    1) Its just a theory
    2) God made Adam and Eve, Heaven and Earth.
    3) People can use instruments to see the Cosmic Radiation that supposedly came from the "big bang", but we have nothing to testify them as faulty.
    4) Explain this, dinosaurs died but other various animals such as Alligaters are still here.
    5) The dinosaurs ate a lot of other dinosaurs a day, so they probably starved. The reason why Alligators are still here is because in the wild they eat 20-25 meals a year, opposed to the dinosaurs 15-20 a day.
    If you have anything to add e-mail me at skye-man@live.Com

  • Scientists think...

    Scientists think the big bang theory is true. Matter clumped together over billions of years to create planets, stars, moons and galaxies in our universe. It also created 2 sexes to reproduce and create offspring. Yup the big bang also created all the amazing animals we see today. It created hydrogen and helium for our sun and also created water for us to drink. Don't you think this sounds like the work of a creator? How did my house get here? I guess matter formed the bricks and they "magically" clumped together to create my 2 story house. Everything has a creator! You cant say the Bible is fairy tale and make one up yourself. It is wrong and shameful. 25% voted God exists on this website but the others didn't. Shameful. Read the Bible. It will answer all your questions. It has science in there for you too if that's what your looking for. Shameful!

  • I believe that God made the World

    God exists okay!!!!!!!!! Please respect my view because in my religion we believe that God made the Universe NOT the Big Bang. If the Big Bang is really true, then how did it really happen? Scientist still don' t really know that yet. Also, not everything you see and hear is true.

  • True or False Did science or God make the universe

    I don't not think that science make the the universe God made the earth because of adam and eve. Science is just a theory there is no way you can actually prove that science made the universe. God made the dirt, grass trees, plants and animals. That is actually the earth was made.

  • Not even true

    The big bang is just a theory that was made by someone who doesn't believe in God!! If The Big Bang was created before God, then what created the Big bang?? Its impossible for a chemical to form itself and create the world, the world was made by God!!! And everything in it!!

  • The "Big Bang" is a lie.

    It is a lie because if it even were true why wouldn't it have happened earlier?
    Or why aren't there more planets so that the earth is less crowded?
    If it were true what is gods position in the "Big Bang".
    The truth is that god created the Heavens,the Earth,and every living thing.
    He also created Adam to name the animals and Eve to be there with him and to help him.

  • Its Not true

    Because there is no evidence that a explosion can able make solar system, the solar system is so perfect as we can see explosion can only destroy things. A big explosion can not able to make a perfect round planet having an gravity, atmosphere ,bodies of water and natures .

  • Science Disproves Science

    If the BB created time, then how was there time for the BB to happen? Biogenesis states that only life can produce life. If the BB really did happen, then how did life originate? The only explanation is that there is a Creator (God) and that He made everything in the universe.

  • There is a theory

    That it is scientifically proven that every explosion comes back together into the whole it used to be. The. It expands again. Then it comes back. So since our universe was created from an explosion that means it needs to come back to its whole again. So scientist think 2 things. 1. The unreversed keeps expanding and contracting creating alternate universes. 2 we would of died from the compacting. And the red shifts are false as well. A galaxy has 2 special stars moving the opposite way of each other which makes it impossible for a galaxy to see a red shift.

  • Just take a second and think

    I'm dissappointed that such intelligent people could be soo stupid. It is said that a reaction and all that palaver may happen if left long enough due to the thermodynamic laws and the rest of it. But the truth is the ACTUAL REALITY of things happening by themselve is ZERO. Objects dont spontanouesly move over time, effort needs to be put in. Where you leave it is where you'll find it if no effort is exerted, thats why things collect dust. Take the simple analogy of a cake... No matter how long you leave the flour, sugar and other ingredients on the table or bowl they WILL NOT make a cake by themselves, a baker needs to put the effort in to make it! Another analogy is buildings. Put bricks, cement and all the rest on the floor..The house will not just spontanouesly come together. How much more the ENTIRE universe. Just take a minute to thing about the complexity of human body, the way the exchange of gas occurs, the way we digest our food and how well we our designed. Think of the way the universe functions. Plants give out oxygen, we need oxygen. And people are happy to accept that a random reaction caused this? You wouldn't accept that the conditions just happened to be right and so a house was built would you so how much more the universe? I'm not asking for people to be religious just don't blindly accept a theory without full understanding

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RichardAhearn says2013-12-12T05:29:55.310
I can't see how the Big Bang could function. It would be like a grenade with no explosive and no firing pin. Scientists may concoct something exotic that provides the potential energy but, assuming Einstein, energy is only generated by Movement; movement starts Time running: therefore it could not be immortal and Causeless. What kept the safety pin in for all eternity before or what pulled it out later? A fundamental rule of physics is that it takes two differentials to tango for an energy exchange. The Big Bang core is one. Where is the other? It cannot be the Void as it is Nothing in a way physics understands. It would be like a grenade set in concrete. Nor could a pure singularity reproduce the variety we see now: let alone Order. It has generated sentience within itself with us. If it can do so now, it could have done so earlier. Lastly, science needs logic and perception. Both run on Causality. Before the movement of the Bang and Time, Causality could not exist. So religion's guess is as good as science's. Better call a truce and start again from scratch, Guys.

The next stage in the debate is: is there any empirical evidence of a sentient external force? But I am skeptical about scientific empiricism. I refer you to my cartoon "Ant Thoughts" on the Richard Ahearn You Tube channel. Mr. Fred Smith is not manifest to Brother Ant in a way it understands: but Smith exists. Providing the ant sinneth not in his sugar bowl, he is not all bad for the ant. He may, from time to time, fish one of his comrades out of his swimming pool. Had the ant been brighter, he might have written a bible and Smith would have been very flattered by its contents. Who are scientists to say that anything is true in this subjective universe? They are apes who, like all other animals, have a range of perception and reason deemed appropriate to their needs by Evolution. Their senses and instruments are contaminated by the very laws they seek to investigate. The only way they can claim to occupy the Great High Ground of Objective Perception and Reason is if the Apple had come with an app called a soul giving them unnatural powers above all other creatures. But they don’t believe in souls, do they? What is truth? It may depend on whose point of view depending on whether or not they are outside the cartoon or in it. We may be ants fooling ourselves.
RichardAhearn says2013-12-12T06:25:37.017
Further to my post.

For reasons stated, the Single Big Bang model throws up the most paradoxes and leaves the subject most open to religion. The pre-Hubble Constant Universe and some kind of multi-bang universe leave less to doubt. It does not take 13 billion years to develop sufficient intelligence for an entity to gain seemingly god-like powers. The Chinese had explosives and a talking door, others had Greek Fire, the Romans had some kind of ram jet, the steam turbine and automatic doors. All that was lost by the destruction of the Great Library and other vandalism. If man had sought wisdom rather than violence, we could have been on the moon by 1066. Demonstrate a cigarette lighter to a caveman and you're God. If the other models are true, then any entity has all the time in the world to get smart. It may be able to survive the bangs by moving from one dimension to another. Even some kind of immortality is possible. Current experiments suggest that brain data can be electrically transferred from one brain to another. If that data is sufficiently comprehensive to give the illusion of being alive, immortality can be held on flash drives and Paradise in Star-trek like holodecks.

All things are fashion. They move from miracle to science fiction to fact given time. I think religion under-estimates the Universe and science over-estimates it. But they must get off their stupid high horses. Stephen Hawking proclaims that philosophy is dead. Has he forgotten that even an apple falling can bring visions?

Regarding the idea that Order came about by chance. For all its cynical origin, Intelligent Design could be tested in the laboratory.
Subject species to maximum enviromental pressure. Come up with the maximum and minimum m.P.H. For Evolution. Then see if there is sufficient time in 13 billion years. Playing with monkeys and typewriters is not the way. They gave keyboards to six monkeys. They spent the time typing mostly the letter S and the rest on crapping on the keyboards. This may produce a Tea Party or NRA speech but nothing much else.

Ironically, for the Prime Mover to always exist prior to the universe, it would have to be a perfect singularity. It could have no components and no peers to interact with. But perfection is immobility and therefore it could do nothing. E ven if it went off bang, the shrapnel would have to contain two or more dissimilar but consenting seeds to create the "Order" we see now. So Perfection is, for practical purpose, Chaos and the perceived Order is, in fact, disorder.

Perhaps the religious have got it right. You are going to get the mother of all headaches thinking about these things. Perhaps Faith is better than overdosing on aspirin.

So say Three Hail Marys and keep taking the tablets and top 'o the morning to yez all.
RichardAhearn says2013-12-12T07:18:48.257
Me again. Can't resist the Blarney. The wisdom of one era is a joke the next. OK. A joke. Stephen Hawking and Pope Benedict went into a bar.....