Is the bird flu a major international threat: Is Bird Flu a real, substantial global threat (yes) or have concerns been exaggerated (no)?

  • A Bird flu epidemic could be catastrophic

    If left unchecked Bird Flu could have a disastrous effect on much of the world. Aviary flu was a pandemic that took hundreds of thousands of lives a century ago. It could happen again because there are many un-vaccinated people all over the world. There is no specific medical cure, so prevention by awareness is necessary to avoid a potential catastrophic Bird Flu epidemic.

  • It's dangerous but not a pandemic

    Considering less than 400 people have actually died from the H5N1 Avian Flu ("Bird Flu") virus its pretty obvious concerns have been very exaggerated. People need to take precautions from all illnesses but to focus so heavily on the "bird flu", "swine flu", etc. is a disservice to everyone as most of the time disinformation prevails. For example, the last time there was a "swine flu" outbreak I personally know of people saying on social media to not eat pork to avoid getting sick.

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