• Amazing story line

    James Spader is an amazing actor! He makes the character very believable. He is a evil man that you can’t help but like. Also like how they include other famous actors as guests. Me Kaplan is also entertaining as well as Tom. The story all fits together so well and you are always on the edge of your seat.

  • Simply amazing, amazingly entertaining!

    Love the show, I simply love the character of Red Reddington. You see the actors are having a blast making this show and we have to give major props to the writers.

    These guys and gals weave some fantastic stories for this show!

    I've neevr seen a show or movie that made me want to be like the main character or simply be that character... This show does. I want to be Reddington.


  • Absolutely best show on tv

    Best written. Best acting. Best show ... Hands down. It is intense. It draws you in. It is never predictable. It is so good at connecting dots and then so good at introducing new storylines. Spader is brilliant as well as ALL of the other actors. Nothing beats it!!! BEST SHOW ON TV

  • No end in site for this show. Im predicting better numbers this fall.

    Spader heads an excellent cast, his acting is superb. The show knows no bounds, as long as the writing holds up. If it becomes mired in love triangle caracter plots and loses strong antagonist characters, it will be d.O.A. I wish the writer's well seasons 4 - 5 are a hard hurdle to cross for any show. Best wishes and much success,


  • Haunting well developed show

    Memorable characters, excellent writing, tight direction. As the show goes on, it becomes more and more focused. I watch the show with concentration, afraid I will miss a nuanced moment. I wait every week to watch this show. I truly find it one of the best shows on television today.

  • Even Julius Caesar would be impressed with the level of betrayal and scheming that goes on in this show!

    Do stories of malfeasance in high places and skullduggery on the level of Mission Impossible thrill you? Does great acting along with fast cars and bad girls get your blood thumping? Then you will LOVE this series. The Concierge of Crime (that would be Raymond Reddington) is playing the Ultra-Long-Game here - worthy of Bond or Ethan themselves. Look, we all know Wynter is coming and the Shadows are gathering, so you must prepare yourselves. Watch this series!! It just gets better and better like fine wine!

  • One word: TEARS

    I am not a crier but this show...

    This show is full of suck, but in a good way. It makes you hurt for the people in it. I have never fallen in love with story relationships before this show but I really just want Red to be Liz's father and Jacob... I love the way he loves her.

  • Blacklist is one of the best.

    It's not just a typical crime drama, it has a story within the story that keeps you coming back for more. When you think you've seen enough, it gets better and you want more. James Spader is a fantastic actor, he plays the character so good that you forget he's an actor. The supporting cast is just as good.

  • James spader, individual character development, parallel story lines,whole truths half lies, topical,political,drama,satire,dry humor,single show bad guy cameosaid by big celebrities,surprises yes a reliable format,world travel

    Eachh episode is satisfying, it doesn't contain werewolvesnor vampires or dragons or cheap cliff hangers or star removal to piss people off, and did a mention James spader, just like every show its not for everyone but if you like a thriller with watxhability and a few chess like moves that make you giggle then it is a must watch

  • James Spader has talent.

    The Blacklist is one of the best shows on TV, but that is only because James Spader is such an amazing talent. When James Spader is acting, you actually believe that he is the different person that he is acting as. I watch the Blacklist because I loved his acting in Boston Legal.

  • No, The Blacklist is not one of the best shows on TV

    The Blacklist does have good actors in the cast, but it is just another repetitive crime show. It did seem original at first, but the writers have run out of new ideas and now it seems like every other crime of the week drama. It does not compare to truly original dramas such as Breaking Bad or Homeland.

  • The Blacklist may be one of the best shows on TV

    Having never heard of The Blacklist, and thus having never seen it, I cannot confirm that The Blacklist is one of the best shows on TV. If it had that kind of status, I would have heard friends and/or family talk about it or I would have read about it in a magazine.

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