Is the boarding school system beneficial to children?

Asked by: JasonGrace
  • Beneficial for the right upbringing of the children

    There are parents who are so involved in their work life that they hardly manage to give any time to their kids. Kids, As a result, Lack the right upbringing, Nutrition, And common sense. These boarding school promises to take of care of your child as there own and inculcates the perfect habits, Teachings, And knowledge. In boarding school, A major role is of the food habits and nutrition they provide. Not only kids become independent, They are capable of facing any difficulties and situation that may arise in their later stages of life. And anyways there are ample to spend time with their parents.

  • You're an idiot to think that it's good for children to go to a boarding school.

    I mean, Obviously. They're being separated from the closest family members they have, And they are being raised to be unfeeling human beings, Devoid of all emotion. So, Obviously, Yeah. Who could possibly think that boarding school is good for a human being, Which is a social animal? Those who think so are idiots.

  • It is not beneficial to children

    Personally I have not been to a boarding school, But from what I've heard majority of people don't like it. Some children have said that going to a boarding school only brought them mental and emotional distress which took a negative toll on their health and well being. Also, They tend to get homesick and they miss their parents.

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