• Yes it is good but only for Israel.

    The Boats of Cherbourg were to be given to Israel however, France backtracked on their deal.While France has the right to choose whomever to sell their products, they already made a deal with Israel. Israel's successful operation of taking the boats shows how effective their secret service is.Whether that be for better or worse.

  • It seems so

    I haven't read the book myself, but it has 4.4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, which means that people who read it liked it enough to review it and write about it. It's described as a fast paced true life account of a high seas adventure described in vivid terms. Kirkus review calls The Boats of Cherbourg "an engrossing slice of political-military history". So it's probably pretty good.

  • Yes, it seems so.

    The Israeli boats opened full throttle and closed to Gabriel range. Two of the Syrian boats were sunk by Gabriels; the third deliberately beached itself and was destroyed by gunfire. Two nights later, the story was repeated off the Egyptian coast – Egyptian missile boats firing the first salvo and turning immediately back towards harbor. The missiles were deflected and the Israeli boats took up pursuit. Three Egyptian boats were sunk, no Israeli boats were hit. From that point, the Arab navies did not venture out of their harbors. More than 100 cargo vessels would reach Haifa safely during the war with much needed cargos. A new era of naval warfare had dawned.

  • Israel paid for the boats.

    Yes, the Boats of Cherbourg was good because it helped the Israelis get back something that they paid for. Israel paid for the boats. They never received the boats. Israel had the right to go and take what they paid for. The mission took a lot of work and the Israelis did well with planning.

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