• We Will Experience The Events Described In The Book Of Revelation Within Our Lifetimes

    According to many respectable religious officials, the events described in the Book of Revelation are upon or about to become reality. According to the book itself, the "Apocalypse", or the destruction of the old earth and heaven and the creation of a new earth and a new heaven, will begin with the world becoming far too wicked for God to continue tolerating it. Thus, the Creator will pour his wrath upon the earth after His Son Jesus has gathered up the Righteous in the Rapture.

  • Yes - it is near. ~ 5' away.

    I have a bible on the shelf along with my Koran, book of Mormon, and other religious texts. It is VERY near.

    From where I sit, it is too close for comfort. THE BOOK IS SCARING ME!!! Hold one.

    OK. I took the bible off the shelf, and chucked it out the window. "The Book Of Revelation" is no longer "Near". Thanks goodness.

    Posted by: TBR
  • We are in the last age

    The events of the book of Revelation will occur in the last age, which we are in. The last age, also known as the church age, in the age that Jesus is not physically on earth, and the church is ministering with Jesus. We have been in this age since Jesus ascended into Heaven, and we will be until everything is judged, and the righteous will go to New Jerusalem, and the wicked to the lake of burning sulfur.

  • The Meteor named Wormwood is still to far away.

    Based on revelations only God knows the day or the Hour, People have been claiming that it would be Near for far too long and God is a man of his word. He will wait until no one is expecting it before he calls forth the end of the world. A meteor that matches the description of Wormwood is still to far away for it to be hitting our planet soon. Based on that revelation and the signs of the times I would say it would be on the 6th day. I am a firm believer that God views days in the time span of 1,000 years. So in the Year of our Lord 6,000 would be the time frame he is aiming for.

  • Not in my house

    I don't have a Bible in my house anymore, so as far as I am concerned, the book of Revelation is a long way away from me. Maybe it doesn't even exist. I suspect that my neighbor several houses down has a few Bibles in her house, so I guess in theory, it is not too far away then.

  • Nothing but fairy tails.

    Before forming an opinion, I listened to the audio of Revelation. Now I can safely say that it is just anther fairy tail story that is too bad a story. Trying to connect this story with our world is evidently impossible. There isn't any evidence of a 7 headed dragon living in heaven, and no evidence of a heaven, or god for that matter. And we still don't have a one world government that controls all the tribes in Israel and none of the seals exist.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-04-03T03:01:22.950
The existence of Israel, increased globalization, and the existence of certain other nations described are probably the most important conditions for prophecy fulfillment in the case of the Book of Revelation; with these conditions in place, it could happen any day, though I think it'll still be several more decades.