• Of course it is

    This book wonder is a very good book it's not like all other books it's just different and I fell this book would be great for anyone to read so any age group could read the book wonder. This book is about a kid named August who has never went to school before because of the way he looks and he will be going to school know. It basically tells about august struggles through school and kids.

  • In my opinion, No.

    Wonder doesn't teach children good morals, In my opinion. I believe it was an idea that started off as a short story and then transformed into the life of August and his struggles because he's different. We are all different and you are pretty much taught that as a kid. Just a slow, Annoying piece of literature.

  • No ofcourse not

    These books maake bullyss our school has a bully which he says that he got to be a bully beacuse he read wonder and he wanted to be like julian. Also the book just is not teaching the chidren the concecuences if you bully truly because he only gets two weeks off!

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