• It was good, but it wasn't THAT good

    I remember watching the avengers and people hyping up about how amazing it was. But in my opinion, it was disappointing. It was kind of boring ( I mean I expected that but it only got really good until the end), the villain was annoying, the story was in a sense cliche, the heroes weren't all that "bad a" (I found them to be very whiny), a lot of plot holes, the scenes were sort of forgettable, and it was too corny. There were other pet peeves that I had but those weren't the MAIN issues I had with this movie. I thought it was pretty funny and action packed toward the end, but now that I think about it- they sort of "half a'd" it. I don't remember anything happening that was super huge in the New York fight scene. I know that one could say I am being very picky but this is a movie that they could have made into one of the greatest movies of all time, but it missed the mark for me. I'm sure the second one will be better though :). Also, this was just another typical super hero movie, they could have made this into an original, unique, flick but the only reason it probably got so much hype was because of all the honestly lame and annoying super heroes together. The only ones I liked were captain America and Iron man.

  • The Avengers was a good movie with an interesting plot and characters.

    Some of the heroes were whiny, but they were supposed to be. It made the movie more realistic. Thor is invulnerable and noble, making him unrealistic, and Captain America is noble as well, making him also unrealistic. The other heroes have to compensate by being a little whiny. Dr. Banner (the Hulk) was constantly whining about the "other guy", which he was entitled to to a certain extent, but he complained way too much. Tony Stark (Ironman) was rude and a little whiny too, which was completely true to his character. Hawkeye and Black Widow are also somewhat unrealistic because of their abilities as spies, but Black Widow is an excellent interrogator and Hawkeye was just AWESOME with the bow and the world's best quiver. And I don't see how Loki was in any way obnoxious. He was a complicated villain because of his dishonesty. You couldn't tell if he was lying some of the time. He was also an amusing villain because of the jokes he was constantly cracking at the expense of the 'good guys'. There were plenty funny scenes, sweet scenes, and fast action scenes. It was altogether a good movie, in my opinion and in the opinion of several others. I regret that you, nathankow, don't feel the same.

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