• The Breast Cancer Pink Campaign Has Run It's Course

    A lot of people do not realize that with these type of campaigns with the pink color, a lot of the companies that participate do not send the money to support breast cancer research. More people should become more knowledgeable in some of the practices that these companies have when it comes to their participation in the pink campaign. The color pink should not be used to raise awareness. Breast cancer awareness should center around the stories of survival and the advancement of research studies. The pink campaign is being used too much and has lost it's meaning becoming to commercialized and centered around trying to make a quick buck instead of actually raising awareness of the disease and submitting necessary money to advancing research.

  • Take back ORANGE for October

    Mammography is not the answer for everyone. And we are being oversold. It does not prevent. It only serves to detect. And many many times we are getting false positives. The mindset has to change.
    You could get hit by a car tomorrow and you had no test to detect that. Why are we over obsessing about the lack of benefit of mammography?

  • Some girls don't get to grow up to have boobs!

    I am not against breast cancer awareness. I know some wonderful women who have lost their battle with breast cancer. I believe breast cancer awareness is so overdone that, many other cancers don't even get a second look. I am a huge supporter of childhood cancer awareness. Many say childhood cancer is rare, but it not...Awareness is! Awareness is so rare that pharmaceutical research facilities work with very few, if any, childhood cancer drugs because there is now money there... Think about that. Innocent children, who have their whole life ahead of them, are getting overlooked because of money. Childhood cancer does not act like or respond like any adult cancer, so it cant be treated like adult cancer, witch is just one of many reasons I am so strongly for childhood cancer awareness.
    Cancer is the #1 killer decease killer of children.
    There are approximately 71 life years lost on average when a child dies of cancer compared to 17 life years lost for adults
    less than 1% of the American Cancer Society's TOTAL donations are given to childhood cancer research
    only 4% of federal funding for research go to childhood cancer research even though kids make up 20% of our population
    all funding proposals are voted on by adults, those that are not affected by these diseases....So where are there votes going to go, to a place where they are affected.
    There are MANY different types of childhood cancer. 16+ major types and more that 100 subtypes.
    Gold is the new Pink! Go GOLD for childhood cancer!

  • Yes Yes Yes

    There are tons of other deadly cancers that don't get any awareness. What about the people suffering from those kinds of cancers? Are they not important because it's not breast cancer? My grandma died of breast cancer, but I still believe that the pink campaign is overdone; it is not fair to other people diagnosed with different types of cancer. I doubt half of the money raised even goes towards breast cancers patients and research...

  • There are other deadly Cancers out there.

    My mother spent her career in healthcare. She maintained a healthy weight. She had a Physical Exam, every January. She never missed her yearly exam at the GYNO, or getting a Pap Smear. She got a mammogram, every year. She had a colon Cancer test, every year. If it was advertised, she knew it & took precautions.

    When a celebrity or celebrity-status draws attention to a specific form of Cancer, it makes people forget that there are other forms (even other diseases). It's like that old cliché "Out of sight, Out of mind". The "Pink Campaign" is very guilty of this. Women run out & get that mammogram, but fail to remember the other health risks. They may even ignore subtle signs & symptoms. After all, it can't be a big deal if it ISN'T hyped. That's the message that is being sent!

    My mother, who barely had any form of Cancer in her family history, was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease (Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Primary to the Bone or PLB). She was a vibrant, healthy woman with no pre-existing health problems. She hadn't even retired, yet. Nor did she get the opportunity. She died from complications, in 9 short weeks.

    When I see the pink ribbons & shirts, I cringe. Is it really awareness? Or is it creating a false sense of security? I believe it's the latter. Save the ta-tas? Let's be honest, women can live without their breasts! If I am diagnosed, tomorrow, I'll choose a mastectomy. My boobs DON'T define me. I DON'T need them to feel like a woman. But other forms of Cancer don't provide many treatment options. The prognosis isn't as good. And the end result is far worse than losing your ta-tas!

  • Yes it is

    T is overdone, I mean come one we have busted our arses fundraising and strained our legs running for the least frequent cancer, Don't get me wrong breast cancer is a serious thing and we should try to deal with it but to be honest people have been spending too much time try to resolve this when there are even deadlier and more frequent cancers that are not being dealt with like Breast cancer has been dealt with. PS I used this agrument against the one person whom said no

  • It's just another ribbon

    I do believe that the breast cancer pink campaign is overdone. It does nothing as far as prevention. It also seems that the majority of participants in pink ribbon events are already survivors or friends and family of survivors. I think more should be done as far as prevention education and quit the walks and fundraisers.

  • What about prostate cancer?

    As cancers go, breast cancer is one of the less common types of cancer. So why do we walk and fundraise for it but nothing else? What about cancer in general? What about prostate cancer? When was the last time a sports team had special brown jerseys for the many men suffering from prostate cancer?

  • Breast Cancer Campaign Need More Support and Attention

    No campaign considering breast cancer can be overdone. On the contrary more and more has to be done to prevent this decease and to educate women globally. Additional efforts should include more free doctor - patients consultations, mail and email information be sent to women globally. No part of the society, age group or minority should be left without information about how dangerios this illness can be. Pink campaign is a good initiative that has to continue and be intensified.

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