• Nothing Wrong With British Royalty

    In today's world, there's nothing wrong with British Royalty. These individuals act more like figureheads than anything else. They increase morale for the British people and help their respective communities in various way. Basically, British royalty now serves more good purposes than bad ones, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • The Queen is the only good thing about royalty.

    She has devoted her entire life to her country & her love shows. She is an excellent monarch. Everything about her reads regal. That said, Charles does not deserve the crown or to be called king. He has single handedly destroyed the monarchy. He s neither a good representative of Britain nor fit to be King. If he does not pass the crown on to William, royalty in the UK may become what it celebrates, history. When King Chuck & Queen Cami ascend the iron throne Commonwealth countries are gonna be dropping the monarchy left & right.

  • No, British royalty is not a good thing.

    Britain's royal family serves no real purpose. It is a figurehead, and something in place purely for tradition's sake. Although their opinions are taken into consideration, they hold no true power. So, even though Britain's royal family is not bad, it is not good either. It is simply irrelevant one way or the other.

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