• It is a huge problem

    America still manages to spend more on health in proportion to its tax revenue than most countries in the western hemisphere. Yet the Sander communists think we can pay for free universal healthcare as well as free college by taxing the '1%'. The top 10% of earners account for a vast majority of tax receipts to pay for entitlement programs. For every year that we run a deficit of $616mn per year, that is the exact number figure the national debt will increase by. This can only be eradicated by sensible spending cuts rather than absurd tax hikes - we are not west European champagne socialist states. By no means does this mean that you should vote Republican - vote Libertarian instead - Gary Johnson 2016 - End the Fed

  • And so are the government's spending habits

    People forget that the American people are the ones who ultimately pay a high price due to the nation's budget deficit. Other countries no longer look to us as the economic powerhouse we once were. We end up paying for this with higher priced imports and taxes on those imports. Our government needs to realize it does not have a blank check.

  • Budget Deficit is Huge Problem for the United States

    The budget deficit is one of the biggest problems facing the United States. Because we have borrowed so much money from China, at any time they could "call our debt" and we would be in no position to pay, putting us in a position of servitude. We cannot keep operating at a deficit; our government must live within its means.

  • Yes, the budget deficit in the United States is a problem.

    The budget deficit in the United States is a major problem. Entitlement spending, as well as interest payments on the national debt will grow substantially over the next few decades. If the country cannot get a handle on its deficit now, America could face a huge fiscal crisis in the future. Also, the large deficit prevents the government from making critical investments in the nation's infrastructure, as well as other vital programs.

  • Yes, a big problem.

    The budget deficit in the U.S is a big problem, that means the government is spending more that it can generate and collect in form of taxes. This means its had to borrow to meet the deficit which in turn increases the national debt. The government should be prudent on its spending.

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