• Yes It Is

    I have included a link to the actual bill that proposed this law change called the Buffett Rule. I believe the fact that there is already a bill in existence is obviously solid enough for law. I believe the fact that Warren Buffett suggested the wealthy should pay more than the middle class is fitting, especially considering the fact that the middle class is quickly disappearing. Unfortunately, almost every Republican congressman opposed it. Apparently they (and probably the people who fund them) do not feel the same way Buffett does.

  • The Buffett rule is perfect.

    Yes, the Buffett Rule is solid enough to be law. Not only is Mr. Buffett a brilliant business man, but he understands economics and is a philanthropist. If the Buffett Rule were put into effect we would see big changes almost overnight, and the country would be a much better place.

  • Buffet Rule shouldnt be a law

    The bill, to be introduced by Senator Sheldon White house of Rhode Island, would impose a new rate of up to 30 percent that would phase in gradually on incomes between $1 million and $2 million. The new rate would have to be paid if it is higher than the taxpayer’s current rate. It would operate like the alternative minimum tax, superseding all brackets and the lower rates for investment income, though it would preserve the incentive for charitable donations.

  • No, the Buffett Rule is not solid enough for law.

    No, the Buffett Rule is not solid enough for law because it goes to far. The benefits are exaggerated and the fact that it is essentially stealing money from people who worked for it is almost unconstitutional. It has no chance of ever being passed into law being that it is unfair and the fact that the riches people who would be affected by it negatively are the ones who run America.

  • He is misleading.

    No, the Buffet Rule is not solid enough for law, because Warren Buffet is misleading in that his secretary makes a great deal of money. Buffet's secretary is not a low-wage secretary. Rather, she has a higher salary than the average person, by a lot. Buffet is also referring to the taxable rate, not the entire amount paid in taxes.

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