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  • Not at all

    No, they are not the only ones that are going to be able to help out the Roma people. I think that it is going to take a whole lot to get them back onto the right track, and this one country is not going to be able to do it.

  • They are in multiple states.

    No, the Bulgarian government is not responsible for solving Roma issues, because the Roma people are in more than one state. The Roma people are nomadic. That is the concern. Because they are not nomadic, they are not confined to any one state. The European Union is the appropriate governmental forum to address the issue.

  • No, the Bulgarian goverment is not responsible for solving Roma issues.

    I do not think that the Bulgarian government should be responsible for taking care of the Roma issue. It is not necessarily the Bulgarian government's fault that there is a group of people who are a burden to other nations as well. The Roma issue is something that should be dealt with by all nations affected by it.

  • no, it is not.

    The EU formed, so the EU should have a part in this. If they all wanted to be insular and isolated and completely sovereign then they shouldn't have formed the EU. The EU along with the Bulgarian government, is responsible for solving Roma issues. It has to be a concerted effort.

  • Not The Only Responsible Party

    I do not believe the Bulgarian government is the only responsible entity when solving Roma issues. I believe the EU has input on this situation as well, which actually drags a lot of countries in. I believe it is best to keep these problems open to the different countries as it will probably take input from them all.

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