Is the Bureaucrats Action Committee needed (yes) or is it a waste of time and resources (no) ?

  • Yes, the BAC is needed.

    I think that the Bureaucrats Action Committe is something that is needed and not a waste of time. I think that its policies and regulations are not only useful and efficient, it is also something that is needed. I think that it is something that should be supported because it is just.

  • Bureaucrats are they needed?

    Yes. There is much for them to do, in the wor]ld, if their job description was altered than maybe there would be more use for them, since there are already people in place to take on the jobs of many, no need to hire and train new people train them on what needs to be done, then if something else comes about, that need to be done, then you hire the new group to take over what's going om

  • the B.A.C is Pork

    The B.A.C is a committee that has no real practical function. It's objective is vague, and ironically enough it is just another component of an already oversized bureaucracy. Cutting out these committees is essential in order to simplify the function of government. Bipartisanship is needed in the congress, we do not need stalemates in random committees that have no actual authority.

  • Always A Big Waste

    I believe something like a Bureaucrats Action Committee is a huge waste of time and resources. The last thing this country needs is a group of overpaid people sitting in a room discussing things. We already have that in several forms, we don't need more. We need people who are simply ready to take action and make change.

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