• It can be.

    The Burkah is an Islamic religious symbol. It can represent modesty for women if they are Muslim, but it depends on if the lady views it as such. It is symbolic for it, but can also provide comfort of women that may want to be more covered, and are comforted by it.

  • No, the burkah does not necessarily represent femenin modesty.

    The burkah is an item of clothing not originated by women, instead, forced onto many women by men and their religion. Nowadays, many women accept and even refuse to stop wearing the burkah, because they believe they are immodest without it. A woman can be modest without wearing a burkah. The burkah is a sign of traditional, dated, male oppression. It is also a symbol of religious opressiveness- instead of encouraging women to be proud and love themselves, they are forced to hide their bodies.

  • The burkah is a cloth prison.

    The burkah is the furthest thing from being a symbol of feminine modesty. It is, however, a tool of oppression used by Muslim extremists to treat women as second class citizens in society. It's used to oppress, control, and make sure that women do not forget their place in that world.

  • No, it's oppression.

    I in no way see the burkah as a symbol of feminine modesty. Feminine modesty is a woman who chooses to be modest by her own accord. It shouldn't be thrust upon her by religion or belief, and a woman shouldn't be categorized as something because of a garment. It's ludicrous.

  • Just their faith

    No, it is not a symbol of feminine modesty, it is a part of the religious faith of the women who wear them, and they believe that on a womans husband and family should be able to see exposed parts of her body. This keeps away adultry in their countries.

  • It was a pragmatic move back then.

    In the olden days, resources were heavily limited, and the average person living in the Middle East was very predatory. Now, the men, without the -4 STR that women get, naturally had to step forward so they and their loved ones weren't ripped apart and left for dead by their rivals. Women wearing the burqa had a level of protection against the lustful masses. Nowadays, it's one of those "it depends on the level of fundamentalism of those in charge" kinds of things. We can look back, from our modern comforts, and say "No, that's stupid", but back then, they didn't have In-N-Out, so food and soda were a bit scarce.

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