Is the Bush administration the most to blame for the rise of ISIS?

Asked by: Rew
  • Weapons of mass destruction?

    Where? Oh, yeah. They don't exist. We went to war because of fear of terrorists, but more importantly, oil. However, the war created a hatred of the US in the Middle East. ISIS rose because people were frustrated by the problems that the United States created after invading. In a way, Bush created ISIS.

  • Bush the warmonger

    Us invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, Iraqi civilians killed and displaced, an entire country exposed to the horror and desolation of war (and now without a sufficient government), the Iraqi military disbanded, how can you blame the people in Iraq? As far as Iraq is concerned, we are the terrorists!

  • Appointing Maliki, disbanding the Iraq military, and poor planning in rebuilding Iraq

    While I believe the Obama administration is not absolved, for their part, one of mostly negligence of Iraq, the Bush administration brought Iraq into civil war, and after beating back AQI failed to instill strong government and diplomacy which precipitated the rise of the IS movements. Without that there would be no IS at all.

    One point always held up counter is "The Surge" as being a success. This was fleeting, extremely fragile, and predominantly successful because of The Sons of Iraq and Sunni movement at the time. Again, because of Maliki, and the Bush diplomatic structures present in Iraq, the Sons of Iraq movement died out, predominantly in the hopes that ISIS will now destroy Maliki for the very Sunnis who were our allies.

    Posted by: Rew
  • No More Than Others

    America has been either aiding or fighting forces in the Middle East for about 40 or so years now. We support them one decade, and they turn it against us the next decade. 80s, we supported them. Early 90s, they turned on us, so we fought. Early 2000s, they turned on us again, so we fought again, and civilians thanked us for it. Late 2000s, we supported them, and now, they have turned on us yet again. So I think that there will always be a conflict between the US and some Middle Eastern force. I'm not sure you can really blame one president any more than another. Obama hasn't really done much to improve our relations with the Middle East.

  • Islamism is responsible

    How about we blame ISIS for being ISIS, instead of shifting the responsibility of a group's actions over to someone else. Islamic fundamentalism is the cause of ISIS strip away that and what are you left with? I can guarantee you it won't be a group of impressionable young men who believe in martyrdom and global jihad.

    Posted by: hect
  • Not his fault

    First off, Isis is against other countries too, not just America. Isis wants to kill all non-Muslims, and if America caused this, they would just be going after America.
    Secondly, we have had attacks from the Middle East before Bush attacked them. For instance, 9/11 was a terrorist attack, and they should know that we would fight back.

  • Reagan started it.

    Reagan armed the rebels in the Afghan war against Russia. A snowball effect has resulted. Arming the rebels led to the creation of Osama Bin Laden.
    The USA didn't learn its lesson because learning curves are for cats' euphemism then armed Syrian rebels giving rise to DAESH (ISIS/L).
    Now, the USA is arming Yemen rebels, talk about recycling stupid Reagan foreign policy practices.

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