• Not that I support the belief,

    But makes it any different than any other religion? If you are christian and you think the cargo cult is crazy, you should check your own belief. They've been waiting 50 years. You've been waiting 2000 years. Saying that John Frum (Cargo Cult) is any more absurd than any other religion, is an absurd statement itself.

  • No, it is not.

    No, from what I understand, a cargo cult is not that good of a practice. It is an attempt to recreate wealth without any understanding of what that wealth means. In other words, it tries to mimic wealth (cargo) without the infrastructure that leads to wealth-building. In this sense, it is just a facade and not something of substance or even practicality.

  • of course not

    There is not cult that can be called a good cult. There is only one God and He is the christian God. If you are waiting for the aliens to come and save you, you are going to be waiting a looooong time. Also, often times as we have seen from past experience cults can end badly and sometimes can end deadly. I can only hope and pray that that doesn't happen here.

  • Doesn't sound like it

    If you're talking about the belief that rituals can result in more cargo, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it depends on the type of rituals and practices and if they are harmful or merely superstitious. If the cargo cult springs from a crisis and is being led by an unscrupulous person, who's taking advantage of the followers, that's not a positive.

  • That seems to me like false hope.

    First off, I had to look up what this was. Waiting for 'spirits' to bring you food and other goods doesn't seem to be a very smart practice. If they only wait and hope for this to happen instead of working for the goods themselves: I think that sounds like flat-out laziness. Unless you're stranded on a deserted Island, I'd say to stray away from this practice altogether.

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