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  • No, the cartel is not good for Germany's sausage market.

    The German sausage cartel is not good for the sausage market because prices have been artificially inflated leading to consumer mistrust and overspending. The cartel essentially created a monopoly where all sausage related goods could be bought and sold at their discretion only. The exorbitant cost to the consumer coupled with the leak of information about the cartel has led to public mistrust and a decrease in overall sales recently.

  • No, Cartels are never good for the consumer or the market.

    The recent revelations that Germany's meat industry had conspired to fix the prices of sausages in that country are a classic example of a cartel that is good for no one except the producers of the products themselves, For a market to operate it must have competition between suppliers, with a fixed price there is no competition whatsoever. This not only cheats the customer but also stops new producers from entering the market.

  • Good for those making money

    If you were one of the people who've been making money from falsely inflated prices for years, then you would probably think it was a great thing. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the money they've been making comes straight from the pockets of consumers - so it's hard to argue that it's anything other than a deceitful rip-off.

  • No, it is not.

    A cartel is never good for a business. They usually artificially raise prices and make it hard for shop operators to turn a profit. They deserve whatever fine they have coming to them and I'm glad it was caught and stopped. Hopefully consumers and business can start to pay fair market price for sausages soon.

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