Is the Catholic Church a force for evil in the world?

  • A good first try for humanity, just it's time that we move on.

    Religion was a good first try for explaining and understanding our world. However, as time and science has shown it's primitive and with a lack of any evidence at all, it certainly can't be used as a model to control ones morals and decisions. The catholic church is almost backwards in it's views on social issues we are facing currently, and until we let go of religion, catholic church being a head honcho, we are stuck where we are. I don't know how many enlightenment and renaissance we need to go through to finally get out of the dark age.

  • Are you kidding?

    The Roman Catholic church has proved itself to be a rank, corrupt, hypocritical, repressive, mysogenistic, homophobic, and abusive institution. How much evidence do you need?
    1. In the 50s and 60s the UK government committed the calumny of deporting orphans to Australia. We now know that many of those who ended up in the 'care' of the Jesuits, were treated to a regime of physical and sexual abuse.
    2. Ireland: What can one say? A one time quasi-theocracy in which state institutions such as the Police and Magistracy deferred to the 'wisdom' of the priesthood. The result was the appalling misogynistic abuse of the Magdalene laundries and child sexual abuse concealed in a connivance between state and church.
    3. In the US and elsewhere, we now know just how corrupt and abusive the church has been towards children.
    4. In the most recent revelations, Scotland's chief catholic, Cardinal O'Brien, a man responsible for the most vile denunciation of gay relationships, has apparently behaved 'inappropriately' towards young priests. Yet further news tells us that a report expressing serious concerns about sexual abuse by priests was ignored by the church in Scotland.
    5. A church which professes to be a friend to the poor sits on vast wealth, lavished on its hierarchy..

    .......and all this is only recent history. Should I mention the Borgias?

    Part of the problem is the naive sheep-like credulity of believers. Even after Cardinal O'Brien had confessed, a believer was interviewed by the BBC and was saying that this could not possibly be true. This is almost as irresponsibly stupid as the abuse itself.

    In fairness, the Catholic church is not alone. Religious institutions in general do not exactly have a good track record of using their power ethically.

    What we really need is a secular system of ethics that is free of all this self-serving, self righteous pompous hypocrisy and cant.

  • Yes, the Catholic Man-Made Institution (Not Church) is a force for evil in the world

    History, as well as a careful analysis of their current doctrines, practices, and traditions, demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that Catholicism is very evil. As a matter of fact, I cannot think of any other man-made insttution other than the catholic institution that has done more harm than it. I pray that Jesus opens the eyes of all the deceived followers of the catholic institution, which is 100% a force of evil in the world.

  • Church Oldest Corporation

    The church is the oldest most profitable corporation in human history. It is a state sanctified cult, indoctrinating generation after generation of bright minds ruined in the name of feeding the plate and creating more indoctrinates. When exposed as a centuries old child rape palace, it diverted attention from its crimes by instituting a massive war on women, advocating men's dominance over women and buying its own political power to advance laws on women's bodies, over 600 laws were created in 2013 pertaining to women's reproductive organs...And zero laws pertaining to men's reproductive organs, in an effort to keep women "barefoot and pregnant," i.E., oppressed, and to divert attention from its own pedophelic practices. I have seen no church groups protesting the child rapes, but no one can deny the monstrous church groups not only protesting women's clinics, but physically attacking and even murdering staff of these clinics. Selling nothing for something and not paying their fair share of taxes and creating monstrous people with monstrous mindsets in "heavenly garb." Christianists actions speak volumes. Their behaviors and hate would surely land them in their fictional hell, rather than their fictional "heaven," that carrot at the end of the celestial stick used to brainwash them. In my humble opinion ~ a rational human being.

  • The Vatican and Catholic Church have contradicted the Bible numerous occasions and created contradictory rites and rituals

    The creation of the a number of rituals, multiple levels of hierarchy and many claims of the Catholic Church directly contradict the Bible and teaching of Christianity. For example, claiming to determine who enters heaven, encouraging people to pray to saints, cult confirmations, etc. actually violate or go against commandments from the Bible. Also, no one who had a relationship with a supreme God and claims to communicate on behalf of it could do the horrific things the Catholic Church has done. Examples, prostituting mothers who lived in Magdalene laundry homes, testing experimental drugs on children in orphanages, starting or perpetrating wars, sexually abusing children. The list goes on as, with numerous ways the very powerful and corrupt institution has destroyed millions of lives and probably turned many people against religion.

  • Catholicism is institutionalized denial.

    We are all in the process of waking up to some harsh truths. One of them is that the Catholic Church is a contrived, authoritarian regime that was formed to control the ignorant masses. They have gotten away with every crime known to humanity. There is no excuse for the collective suffering they have inflicted on countless lives for countless generations. Their time has come to be part of history only. There is no place in the future for their outmoded negativity. Anyone contending to justify the crimes committed by their paranoid, sexually repressed, non spiritual oligarchy is in denial .Every ritual, recitation, delusion (Body of Christ- to be taken literally) is a breaking down of one's innate intelligence. Most children recall thinking the whole charade was bunk, but got those ideas either beaten out of them or were shamed for believing that the world was potentially a happy place. Catholics have been hoodwinked. The world is way more friendly, nonjudgmental, and full of real goodness than the Catholic church espouses. God is not angry and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Even if you need to have someone else think for you and remain loyal to the church, you are still okay. We are in a living mystery, and love itself is the force of God, if you will.

  • History was changed

    The religions - especially Roman Catholic are responsible for making lies about historical discourse. Nobody will know the real history because of what the religious clergy has done - not to mention the amount of murder and abuse in the name of being Catholic. Catholics have a way of turning people they are opponents of in a derogatory light as if anyone that is not a Catholic is a demon while they are portrayed as angles through their fake materialism and hording of wealth.

  • Evil is an understatement

    I was raised a catholic, went through eight traumatic years of catholic school, I suffered severe emotional abuse, I underwent years of therapy in my teens as a result, I was forced to believe in the church's harsh doctrine and I deeply resented it. As an adult I broke away from the catholic church. I became an agnostic and was mentored by some wonderful people all who're atheists. I eventually broke away from agnosticism and became an atheist. At 50 years old I feel great! I feel terrific! I no longer worry about death; I love life and respect nature and the environment. I know that life is short and to live it to its fullest. We won't get a second chance. I embrace death as a part of our life cycles. We're no different than any other organisms on this planet, except we can spread the greatest human expression of love!

  • The catholic church continues to interfere with civil rights and perpetuates discrimination.

    First of all, while visiting the Vatican, it became apparent that this church is filthy rich. The amount of priceless items that they hold at the Vatican- that isn't even a part of the main museum tour is unbelievable. Imagine how many poor Catholics could be helped with this money. Wouldn't that be in line with Jesus' teachings? You know give to the poor! Also, the church wants to continue to oppress women. How can that be accepted in today's western societies? Women should be able to become priests and to have reproductive rights. It boggles my mind that catholic women feel it is acceptable to be in submissive roles. I suppose the image of Mary the mother continues to give them comfort in this role. Also being against contraception is just against common sense, and an abundance of research. It is a dangerous position that is harmful to countless human beings and causes unnecessary sufferance. Finally, the churches position on sexuality is probably the most absurd and harmful position that they maintain in light of all of the deviant sexual acts performed by sexually repressed priests. How can the unification of two people in love be a sin if only good is coming from it and it is not harming others? A family is a place where one feels loved and cared for and protected. That does not mean a man and a woman alone can be the only household able to create this kind of nourishing environment. The church needs to start acting through love not fear. Until then, I will consider the Catholic Church to be an evil force.

  • Is jesus evil

    I am catholic was brought up that you have to believe in god or you go to hell. The more i thought the church the more unbelievable it became they try frighting people by hell. If there is a GOD i don't think he'd be so petty. Look at the commandment's every one breaks one of them at some stage that means were all going to hell. I believe any religion that prays the jesus could be seen as evil. Jesus was the savior of the jewish people did not turn out so well for them. If he is all powerful why did he lie to them. The bible tells of all these miracles that only the best magicians can do today. The first bible was written 200 years after his death a story can change a lot in that time. If there is a god i don't think he would belong to any religion that uses fear to control the people. Catholicism more evil then good

  • The Catholic Church is not the right way to God

    However, to say they're the force of evil is just wrong and incorrect. Well for one: they can't be the Antichrist at all. Since the Antichrist has to come from the tribe of Dan, and only one nation in the world, might even be them: Denmark. A country with a very brutal history of empires. Human rights violations. Also the Bible says something that can summed up like this: "Those who know the truth will be judged more harshly than those who do know." Are the Scandinavian countries not Protestant? And with the things they did, I have no doubt God is more angry at them. Mind you God doens't tolerate sin. But here's the difference. The Northern Euro countries, with their bigotry, arrogance are like the Pharisees.

    The Catholic Church goes against God's teachings, but they don't know better. The Pope has more of a chance to repent. I doubt his heart is hardened. Hitler had more of a chance to repent than some of these Protestant, claiming-to-be-Christian KKK types.

    So no, the Catholic Church, though worldly, is not the ultimate force of evil

  • No, Absolutely Not.

    If God, the creator of all good things, sent His all-good Son to earth to suffer and die for our sins, how can a power that is all good establish an evil institution? It is impossible. Of the 1.2 billion Catholics on earth, it is true that some priests, lay people, and other religious people have committed immoral acts. The reason for this is because we are all human, and by definition, are imperfect. Simply belonging to the Church does not make you perfect or incapable of sin. Forget a minute about the abuse scandals. Can you think of any instances where the Catholic Church has worked for the good of humankind? Of course you can because the instances are endless. Are Catholic hospitals set up and run for the benefit of human life, or for evil? Are Catholic schools set up for the benefit of human life, or for evil? Are Catholic homeless shelters, Goodwill facilities, and counseling and adoption services set up for the benefit of human life, or for evil? There is corruption to every system, but the Catholic Church is certainly not defined by it.

  • No.

    To make an outrageous claim that an entity is a 'force for evil' for almost any group is blatantly ignorant. While this organization has not always upheld the values that they claim very few group's ideal culture and real culture actually line up with any significant portion, most religions included.

  • No

    The church itself is not a force of evil, nor is the values they withhold in their communities. It is the individuals who take their religion to an extreme and force it upon others; these are the ones that are evil. We cannot blame a religion for peoples actions, we must look upon the individuals who practice it.

  • Church Isn't "Evil"

    To say that a particular branch is evil is horrible! Yes, a religion might have certain rules that they expect their followers to obey but those are their rules, and no one is asking someone who is not a follower to comply with them. They aren't taking over the world like a dictator, so how is it evil?

  • Of course not

    Take a look at the individuals in the church. Most all of them have the highest level of understanding between right and wrong. Well over one billion devout Roman Catholics stick to their faith strongly and ONLY seek the glorification of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Just because someone is a Christian does not make them unable to be tainted by sin. Every Jewish Hierarchy has had a bad man, every protestant church has had a bad man, and, yes, the Roman Catholic Church has had bad men, but that does not make any of those groups evil. I myself am a Roman Catholic who has been touched by God and no matter the darkness of the veil that is placed over my head, i will still see Christ's light in the Church.
    - one bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch.

  • Overall, not an evil institution

    To brush off a 2000 year institution with 2 billion adherents as evil is a gross and unfair generalization. As a non-Catholic, I strongly disagree with her seven distinctive doctrines on biblical grounds, and the fact that church tradition is considered equal in authority to scripture. Yet those errors, combined with the fact that many Catholics have mixed in syncretistic beliefs, and the morality of several priests have been found seriously wanting, does not make the RCC an institution bent on exploitation and on control at all costs. That era has long gone. It is certainly flawed, perhaps more so than other churches, but which church, and indeed who, is not flawed? Many evangelicals, 7th Day Adventists and others believe that the RCC will birth the Antichrist through a future pope to control the entire world because of its inherently evil nature. I fear that belief is built more on conspiracy theories than on an intimate knowledge of the RCC. I have found no credible evidence of a plan by the RCC to control world institutions and force conversion to a one-world religion. Another institution has a far more sinister and well documented plan to do that. The College of Cardinals and RCC Orders are too busy trying to maintain its credibility and not loose members to worry about political and economic control of the world.

  • Let's look at the majority

    Only 1 in 10000 claims of clergy sex abuse are correct (USA).
    40% of the worlds hospitals are directly operated by the catholic church
    During the Dark Ages, the catholic church kept the written word, preserving western society.
    The catholic church gives more aid than all the governments of the world combined
    In the USA catholic schools educate 33% of students, something the government can't handle
    Only 0.6% of priests commit sexual abuse, proportionately less than the general population.
    Call me crazy, but this does not sound like the actions of an evil society.

  • No, the Church isn't "evil."

    Do you have proof that the church is evil? What about your church? What has your church done lately that is good? Instead of criticizing other Catholics who actually have back-up of their faith, why don't you look at your own? Didn't God say, "Judge not lest ye be judged?" Wow... How embarrassing you people are. It's a shame. Plus you guys got your religions after the Catholic Church too...Look it up :)

  • Of course not.

    Despite any faults which it always readily admits the Catholic Church has done more to defend the poor and outcast, critique tyranny of the left and the right and is the largest charitable organization in the world bar none.

    Also when I was overseas and my wife was very sick the Catholic Church (a local parish) helped us with transportation and food ... I will forever be in their debt.

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Catholicism most evil organisation ever invented