• Yes it is

    The dogma must be updated as it makes no sense to modern man. The emphasis needs to change to seeing creation in revelation.
    What was set in stone in earlier times must be rooted out if it is now found to be incorrect. Women should be equal and welcomed to all forms of ministry including ordination.

  • We always are

    It would be a wonder to think of a single instance in which the Church hasn't been at a crossroads. We are constantly in need of reform, each generation must make the vital choice to say "fiat" and die to ourselves. This is the case now, as it was the case in 1425 or 40 AD.

  • The church risks alienating followers if it does not respond to changing cultural dynamics

    The Catholic Church faces the danger of losing a significant number of followers, particularly younger people, if it does not address the changes in our cultural landscape. As views on issues such as homosexuality, contraception, abortion, and women in leadership have shifted, the Catholic Church has often been perceived as being closed-minded and unwilling to consider new ideas. Though the Church does not necessarily need to shift its policies on these hot-button issues, today's young people expect a more thoughtful and authentic explanation for the stances that its leaders take. The next pope needs to be mindful of this shift in cultural dynamics lest the church lose an entire generation of congregants.

  • The Church needs to make changes.

    The Catholic Church is at a crossroads now because in this day and age, the majority of the World has views that don't agree with the church's teachings. Like their opposition to gay marriage, use of condoms, and allowing women to serve in the church. Maybe the new pope will help the church transition in new view and policies.

  • In so many ways, yes

    The Catholic Church is currently at a crossroads of ideology and tradition. They have so much outside pressure that for the first time in centuries, the pope resigned. This has to be related in some way, more so than just his ailing health. Society is changing so quickly that the Catholic church can't keep up. They have tried to in several ways, such as giving the pope a twitter account, but there will soon come a time that the only way for the church to remain relevant in this changing world is to adjust many of their policies and beliefs to accommodate the majority.

  • The new Pope has the power to take the Church in any direction he pleases.

    The Catholic Church is at a crossroads. The selection of a new Pope is a major undertaking. The person chosen to lead The Church has the power to change things dramatically, change things only a little bit, or stay the course. The decisions made by the new Pope will impact millions of Catholics world wide, and will forever change the face of The Church.

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