Is the Catholic Church doing enough to address sex abuse scandals?

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  • No, they are not getting what they deserve.

    They are not doing enough to help the children and they say they are the voice of Christ, Jesus would never let that happen. In his eyes I believe that all of those so called priest will pay for their crimes. If not here where it should be taken care of, then in God's house they will never get there. They should be put into prison just like any other criminal. If they do the crime they should do the time.

  • They NEVER did the one thing Jesus Would Do - find every victim and get them help.

    You can't find a single case in church history where they did the Christian thing. They always protected child rapists and money, and they did it uniformly and consistently across the world, with every bishop hiding every pedophile and fighting every victim.

    God made it clear that this isn't God's church.

  • This "church" is fatally flawed!

    This institution doesn't go back as it claims to Jesus of Nazareth, but to the Roman Emperor Constantine, who worked out a deal with the churchmen of his day to create a "Holy Roman Empire" that has abused and killed people who didn't buy their dogma on a more or less constant basis since then, until we became civilized enough to fight back their tyranny! See http://JesusWouldBeFurious.Org/

  • No, if they were we would see a lot less of it,

    The Catholic church needs to step up and take control of these sex abuse scandals that occur throughout their church. Right now, most of the time they simply relocate priests that are accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. This is not wise, as it allows them to keep committing these crimes. They need to make sure that those priests are put in prison.

  • Just throw them all in jail

    Have a trial, like they did for the Nazis in Nuremberg, and find out who did deeds and who covered them up...and then sell all the gold in the Vatican and give it to the victims. Why should these people have immunity from the law? Let's have justice, once and for all!

  • Not at all.

    The biggest problem plaguing the Catholic church for the past 10 or so years has been their inability to deal with priests molesting children. All they have ever done is to pay off the victims and continue going along their merry way. They are not doing enough to protect our kids.

  • Remove the offending priests.

    Not until the offending priests in question are removed from their posts and prosecuted will I think the Church has done enough. Besides, they have denied and fought tooth and nail. They have arrogantly chosen to protect their own pocketbooks and image instead of pursuing justice for the victims in these cases.

  • No, but there is a solution.

    In ancient Rome they had a technique, and if you were found guilty of forcing yourself on anyone sexually they would place your gonads between two rocks and crush them. Ancient and barbaric, yes, but one does see the point. It would stop multiple offenders and deter a lot of people from a first attempt, thereby saving a lot of innocents from being harmed.

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