Is the Catholic Church facing an identity crisis?

  • Catholic Church is facing a complete identity crisis

    I think that the Catholic Church is in a dire situation right now without a pope. The Catholic church and the Vatican have lost significant clout in our modern society. With the scandals coming out about various priests, people are turning to other forms of religion instead of dealing with the Catholics.

  • I think so, the church is having to be inclusive.

    Originally the Catholic church was for white immigrants, such as the Irish, Polish, English and Italians. Now, the church has a larger Hispanic population. The Church is having to mix the Hispanic and American traditions in the Church. Also, there are less people who believe in the Catholic and Christian religion, so their numbers are down!

  • Yes, the Catholic Church is indeed facing an identity crisis.

    The Catholic Church is indeed facing an identity crisis of major proportions. On the one hand, they need to remain consistent and faithful to their past, but on the other hand, current conditions show that people as a whole are moving away from the group, and that could mean trouble ahead.

  • No more than we have the rest of our 2000 year existence

    We've been around for a while. The Church periodically faces Crises, but Her identity as the Body of Christ does not change. We know who we are and have since Jesus Christ himself founded us. It is no coincidence that any mention of "identity crisis" tends to come from non-catholic sources.

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