Is the Catholic Church justified in forbidding birth control?

  • Yes, just like a casino can forbid card counting.

    The Catholic church, just like Las Vegas, can forbid certain behaviors that would knock down their institution. If Las Vegas, or casinos in general, allowed card counting at blackjack tables the house would lose their advantage and therefore lose business that could ultimately close the casino. Thus, card counting is forbidden in casinos. If it were allowed then there wouldn't be any casinos because they would all be out of business! The same goes with the Catholic church. Their dependence is on people who are poor and uneducated. Forbidding birth control to their followers is insurance that their base will have large families thereby concentrating most of the family's resources to survival living. A family with a large number of children would hardly find it easy to save money for them to afford their children a good education. Therefore the cycle continues and the children teach their children to waste resources on feeding a multitude of offspring instead of using birth control to have one or two children which the parents would be more apt to have money to get them through college and end the cycle of ignorance and tithes to a church that only has their interests as the primary motivation.

  • It's their religion

    The Catholic church doesn't have any authority to forbid birth control to anybody who doesn't choose to be Catholic. It's their religion, so they can forbid whatever they want to forbid. And it's perfectly consistent for them to forbid birth control giving their sexual ethic that the purpose of sex is procreation, and birth control is meant to subvert that purpose.

  • People need to learn to take responsibility for their sexuality.

    People today think that everything is their right. They think it is their right to have as much sexual intercourse as they like, they think the government should pay for their child when they have it. The Catholic Church teaches the only totally safe form of birth control which is abstinence. Unless you are totally prepared to bring a child into the world then you should be having sex at all.

  • Freedom of Religion

    Religion is free of Government, not vice-versa. If the religion is against birth control, the government can not simply tell it to go against it's teachings. Jews are allowed to sacrifice animals and Indian's are allowed to smoke peace pipes... All religions are free to practice their believes, not be told they can't. If you work for a Church, you need to accept that church's business ethics.

  • It's against the natural law.

    Birth control frustrates the telos of the body's reproductive faculties, and as such is morally wrong. The Catholic Church is devoted to teaching that which is morally right. So, the Catholic Church is justified in its opposition to birth control. Now, humoring the stance that there is no teleology, and that birth control is amoral, it seems that the Catholic Church is still justified in teaching against that which it deems is wrong, since there is no forced teaching or legislation.

  • Yes and no.

    It depends what you mean by morally justifiable. Justifiable to who? To someone who believes an all-mighty humanoid power will forgive all his mistakes and send him to an eternal resting place where we can get all we please, or someone who thinks using their head? In spite of the fact that I think that it is moronic and misguided to forbid birth control, people choose to believe what they want to. People switch branches of Christianity rather often without much though to it, or God forbid leave it all together.

  • Unfortunately, they are.

    While I definitely don't agree in their reasons for forbidding birth control, it is their religion's choice. What you believe and what faith you have should always be your choice, and the church has theirs, so who are we to go against it? Birth control is a necessary evil in my opinion, but if the Catholic Church wants to disallow it since it goes against their morals, we should do what we expect anyone to do with what they believe, support and understand.

  • No, the Catholic Church is not justified in forbidding birth control

    There are too many people telling to many other people how to live their lives. It is becoming more and more complicated to keep a score card on who wants you to do what when. This is after all a free country. As long as you follow the laws of the country, you should be able to live your lives without others making decisions for you. Should gay people marry? if they want to. Should someone have a legal abortion? not my place to make that decision? Should the Catholic Church forbid birth control? No. It is high time to start uncluttering our lives with the people who think they should be the driver in our lives. You are the driver in your life. I am the driver in my life. That really seems simple enough. Where do we keep going wrong?

  • World Population 12 billion + Year 2021

    I'm sorry, but nowhere in the Bible does it say birth control is a sin. Also, there was no birth control back in the day. Look at how Mary was treated when she had Jesus. Sure, it wasn't her fault. But do you really think that forbidding birth control is going to stop people from having sex? No. Sex is a natural function of the human body after reaching maturity and it is healthy to act on that occasionally. It is everyone's own choice if they want to pursue abstinance until marriage. But, not everyone is going to make that choice, and they need to protect themselves from diseases and unwanted children. More sins will happen after an unwanted baby is born. Look up the number of CPS cases in your area. You'll be very surprised.

  • The real reason the church disallows birth control.

    The real reason the church disallows birth control is because they know it will result in MORE CATHOLICS. Like most of us, the church is aware that indoctrination by the family/culture you are born into determines your religious views. And more members means more money, and more power. It's really that simple.

  • The real reason for the churches stance on birth control.

    The primary reason the Catholic church disallows birth control is because they know it result in MORE CATHOLICs. The church wants members. And they know that your religious beliefs are almost always dictated by the culture/family in which you are born. And more members mean more money, and more power. It's really that simple.

  • The policy is self-serving.

    The church prohibits birth control for the obvious reason that it wants more members. The policy also demonstrates how out of touch it is when the vast majority of its members ignore the rule. And the fact that it results in untold misery around the world doesn't even come into the picture. How shameful!

  • No, the Catholic Church is not justified in forbidding birth control.

    The Catholic Church is not justified in their condemnation of birth control, but there are enough people who have agreed to simply "go along" with their statements. That is why this question even exists. In my opinion, proper contraceptive use is a very good thing. Unfortunately, this world is dominated by uninformed thinking influenced by religious indoctrination that begins in childhood. It is so sad that people put what are essentially myths on such a high pedestal. Plus, the Bible doesn't say anything about contraception because it didn't really exist back then, at least no in the safe forms that we have today. It is so sad that people put these religious beliefs above real human needs and problems.

  • People before ideologies

    People must shape ideologies, not ideologies people. If people are not in a fit state to have children, they should be granted protection against having them for the sake of themselves and the potential child.

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