• A Black Pope Is Ready For The Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Church is in the throes of membership abandonment world wide. The next pope would have to stand out from his predecessors in a profound way to regain the trust of its followers. A black man in red papal shoes would gain world-wide attention. Another white man as pope would simply continue the legacy of the status quo but a black man would be a stark contrast to that. It would also symbolize that the Vatican can break from tradition to address the needs of the common man in the current era. The world is ready for a black man just like the world was ready for a black man as president of the global media--I mean, the U.S.A.

  • Yes, Consider Where The Church Is Growing

    The Catholic Church is growing most rapidly in Africa. It makes sense to pick a pope that represents a population that is flooding into the pews. Sure, some people would be upset, but their bigotry goes directly against the teachings of the church they claim to follow. The next pope also shouldn't be an Italian.

    Posted by: rpr
  • The world is, but the Church is not

    It's really sad, but I don't think the Catholic Church is ready for a black pope. I believe the Catholic Church is way too behind the times to even come close. They're so outdated and stuck in a meaningless doctrine and a black pope is something they wouldn't be able to handle for at least another hundred years.

  • Black Pope Never

    The world is not ready for a black Pope, look what they did to a black president. If we have a black Pope now, it wouldn't be weird I feel a lot of races Catholics. & I wonder how many would remain Catholic. Can you imagine a white racist Catholic kissing the feet of a black Pope? It won't happen! You will see very ugly ugly ugly things happening if a black Pope or to be reigned.

  • No, I don't think so.

    I don't think the upper echelons of the Catholic Church are ready to move out of their highly dominated white male hierarchy. They certainly are not willing to give women any positions of authority. If they were to consider a non-white, then it ought to be an Hispanic person, as the majority of strongly practicing Catholics are in that racial group. Although the Catholic Church is not racist, I don't think it is ready for a black pope.

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