• It has reformed

    Catholicism has reformed and is a much better institution then what it once was. Take pope Francis for example, He stated that it’s okay to be gay, Dogs go to heaven, Outlawed capital punishment in the Vatican, And stated every good person goes to heaven even atheists. Are their radical and stupid Catholics, Yes but that’s true of every belief system from Christianity to atheism.

  • Catholic faith gives hope and invites people to lead a good life

    Catholic faith is based on the belief that God wants our best He wants to love us so much that he came and walked with us and even died for us. We are invited to love, Not forced to. We often fail to accept the invitation to love and that brings us to the greatest message: God forgives, His mercy is overflowing because we are His children.

  • I'm not Catholic (surely you mean Christian) but I consider it really beneficial.

    Christianity made the world safer. It has so many rules, Obligations and the commandments with apparently awful punishments waiting for you after your death and during your life.
    People who fear God fear wrongdoings.

    Also, What's wrong with being a Catholic? You believe in God, Fear him and then most likely don't commit more sin than the average human.

    As long as it's not forced on anyone and continues to be a harmless religion, I'm all for it.

  • No, And here's why

    Think of all the wars and arguments and things it has caused. It's just not correct to keep them around, Even if it violates religious freedom. It has caused too much strife, And it's just not worth it. From the inquisition to indulgences to the crusades, If you look at it its just unfair because it doesn't really allow for other religions. It is hostile, Not as hostile as Islamic extremism, But hostile.

  • It is a blend of works based apostate Christianity with Roman paganism.

    There are many things that stick out as contradictory to Christ's teaching. Right off the bat is the fact that Catholics teach that you have to have good works to go to heaven whereas the bible says that our salvation is not of works (Ephesians 2:8-9). They also pray to "Saints" and mother Mary whereas the bible clearly teaches that there is only one mediator between God and man, The man Christ Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5). They call priests their father which Jesus clearly commanded us not to do (Matthew 23:9). They call Mary the queen of heaven. And that term was only used throughout the bible to refer to false pagan goddesses. Christ also warned us of people who dressed like Catholic priests (Luke 20:46). Catholics also say that the word of God isn't enough to teach you about God and that you need the Catholic church. The bible says otherwise in 1 Timothy 3:15-17 (although obviously church is important for helping us learn, It is not necessary to go to church in order to get into heaven because salvation is a free gift not of works). The Catholic church also adopted a lot of things from eastern religion like nuns, Monestaries, Monks etc and these terms are never mentioned in the bible once--they are however found in Buddhism. If you want more reasons why Catholicism is a dangerous religion then search up Steven Anderson preaching against Catholicism on Youtube. He is a great preacher who exposes a lot of these wicked practices. This post is not made to offend any Catholics but to convince them that they are following an anti-Christ religion and they need to be born again and trust Jesus.

  • Depends on what you mean by good

    If you mean beneficial then no. Faith is bad in general. Having complete trust in an idea leaves you hopeless if it proved to be wrong.

    If you mean morally right then no. Christianity were against homosexuality and still I am sure against to this day. Still allow Male genital mutilation to go on. Cannot see the mistakes in their own religion. If they cannot see mistakes then they do not know when they are wrong.

    You can say some people rely on faith to live. I say instead of giving something intangible why not give something real. Like helps others they will help you or care about the nearest to you more then yourself. Yes you can say the Bible teaches you this but without the other verses which are morally wrong and provide no helpful benefit if followed.

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