• Yes it is.

    The cause of human freedom is benefited by the current global economic system, because as of right now this is the best system the world has ever seen. As flawed as it is and as messed up as some things are in parts of the world, people are flourishing more now than ever before.

  • Agree, in part, disagree in part.

    There is no clear global economic system. Different regions have different economic systems. However, a global system of trade that leans towards and benefits the idea that companies and individuals must be payed for their labor and no person can be compelled to work is a system that will, on the whole, increase human freedom rather than decrease it.

  • No the current system is slavery

    Human freedom is drastically reduced by the current world economic system. People are trapped in poverty brought on by the large corporations and banks, slaves to a bottom line that they will never achieve. Humans have been reduced to slaves chained by then debts they will never pay off. Humankind is not benefiting from current economics.

  • No: The Cause of Human Freedom is Harmed By the Global Economic System

    Most people don't even understand the level of corruption in global economics, which relies heavily on the black market trading of arms, drugs, and human and animal trafficking. Further, the speculative nature of markets today, and the massive amounts of debt incurred by nations, suggests that we are increasingly becoming slaves to corrupted and unstable market forces. Freedom will require a new paradigm altogether.

  • No It's Not

    The current economic systems are based in capitalism and I do not believe it benefits human freedom. I believe the capitalist system has built up a few and made them wealthy by taking advantage of the meek. I believe this has led to a lot of inequality as far as income.

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