Is the Challenger Hellcat faster than the Corvette Z06?

Asked by: Turbanator
  • It has 707 Horsepower

    It has a RWD, so it can go faster. It has a great hellcat engine that can handle the weight the gigantic car has. It has plenty of torque to go around and looks amazing. It's classified as a Super Car and has received the rating of being the "Fastest production sedan".

  • The hellcat has too much power.

    With a little over 700hp the hellcat is a quick car but it just spins to much. If the hellcat where racing the z06 with slicks on it would be a different story but if both cars are bone stalk, the zo6 would walk the hellcat. If both cars had slicks i think it would be a close race.

  • In a straight line, yes.

    However, the Hellcat is simply too heavy to negotiate a winding back road or a twisty circuit. Considering that the Z06 is practically designed for racing, it will stomp the Hellcat in such a scenario. Simply put, even though the Hellcat has 707 HP, if it can't use that power, it is useless.

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