Is the Chaos Theory more important than evolution?

Asked by: Human_Joke65
  • Less Controversial Means More Acceptable.

    Publicity does not guarantee deserved priority. Tabloids prove this. Acceptability means more evidence is recognized; quality, not quantity. Evolution is overrated, Chaos Theory is underrated. Chaos Theory needs more exposure. What does guarantee priority that is deserved: a call to action. What does evolution call to action? That'll take thousands of years...

  • It makes more sense.

    After looking at the chaos theory, it seems like a much more understandable concept than evolution. In my honest opinion, evolution doesn't hold water as it is observational science and not concrete fact. As a matter in fact there has been plenty of other theories out there that have held more water than evolution according to scientific evidence. Besides, if humans came from monkeys and bacteria then why does bacteria and monkeys still exist? Why do monkeys not walk upright? Why is it people back then are smarter than people now? These are some significant questions that buckle the foundations of the evolutionist theory.

  • Explanation of our own existence

    Did Human_Joke really say that Evolution is overrated? Millenia of philosophy and discourse and debate has attempted to explain the existence of humanity, and all the life that accompanies it, and the evolution is that answer. Evolution explains the diversity, and more importantly, the complexity of life in the way of pure simplicity. The Theory of Evolution is one of mankind's greatest achievements, and the ultimate answer as to how we developed a conscious and the ability to ask such weighty questions.

    Meanwhile, Chaos Theory seems nothing more than an overarching description of natural processes. It describes what humanity has done for its entire lifespan, and makes little to no impacts on its scientific understanding.

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