• "Reality" shows don't really show reality

    "Bachelorette" is a popular reality show where the gender roles of "The Bachelor" are flipped: a single woman tries to find an eligible man instead of the other way around. Recently the star of "Bachelorette" made the news over concerns about cheating, but I think that it's just another gimmick from the show's PR machine to get people to watch.

  • The cheating storyline on 'Bachelorette' is a PR ploy.

    The cheating storyline on 'Bachelorette' is a PR ploy. Cheating storylines sell, the truth of any matter cannot be confirmed and need not be confirmed either, no one wants to keep count of which celebrity has cheated on whom, that is their personal life and choice. What's more important for the audience is, when rumors and truth can be cooked up into a believable storyline, which is watchable.

  • More than likely.

    Reality television is not really reality. Those shoes are scripted, maybe not in the traditional way, but nonetheless they are scripted. The produces know what will spike the ratings and they will do whatever it takes to keep people watching. The audience is so stupid they actual believe the lies.

  • But of course

    Product placement, on-air time, producing, advertising, and yes, the cheating storyline are all PR ploys on one of television's most guilty pleasures, 'The Bachelorette.' We all know it is scripted yet we just can't avert our eyes or interest. We tune in, week after week, secretly hoping our favorite contestant has managed to hang in there once more. Soap operas and reality television are art forms in their own making.

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