Is the China "One Child" Policy cruel to young children?

Asked by: k1tt16
  • One child policy is so cruel...

    Now I understand why you would of picked no. I know the government is only doing this to help the country from starvation and over flowing the world with population but don't you think people should have a right to have more than one baby? Imagine if a person came up to you and said that you can only have one baby. I don't know about you but I'll be gobsmacked, and when the child grows they will be isolated because they don't have a sister/brother to play with or talk to. I read books and news letters saying that a baby got killed in China because they were a 2nd child and that the 2nd child will be treated like an animal, no benefits and no good education, and even if you continued the one child policy to reduce the population people who

  • Cruel to the whole family!

    I think China's "One Child" policy is not only cruel to young children, but the entire family. A husband and wife should be allowed to conceive as many children as they wish, and I feel a child may feel alienated not being allowed to ever get a brother or sister.

  • No, the China "One Child" Policy is not cruel to young children.

    No, the China "One Child" Policy is not cruel to young children. Being an only child is not cruel, it means you are spoiled and get everything you want. Most kids would love not having to share with another sibling and receive all of their parents attention. If they get bored they can just go play with their friends, I don't see how that could be cruel.

  • To children, Yes.

    Barring the children from obtaining an education, blocking children from having access to (the very few) services available to help improve conditions for the children, and ostracizing them just because of the faults of their parents' actions is a unjust and cruel punishment on them. These kids haven't done anything to deserve these sanctions, and why are they being punished for what somebody else did? Punitive/deterrent actions must be directed at the parents and only the parents.

    Posted by: Viet
  • Not to young children...

    Unfortunately, there's a method behind the madness of the one child policy, and it's that the world is suffering from massive overpopulation, and China's urban areas are especially polluted with people. It is not cruel to young children inherently, although its implementation has sometimes caused cruelties to be inflicted upon children.

  • Hard but necessary

    The one child policy is definitely difficult because kids grow up as only children and often male. it is difficult for them to form sibling or familial bonds. However, due to over population the policy is pretty necessary. Better to have some psychological damage now, then to let kids die due to starvation and lack of resources.

  • One Child Ensures Better Upbringing

    A "one child" policy isn't cruel to young children. Instead, it helps ensure parents don't have more children than they can afford. Having one child isn't a bad thing in a country with more than 1.3 billion people. Instead of several mouths to feed, many Chinese families can just focus on providing for one child. Eventually, the policy will be relaxed. However, for now, population controls must be in place lest China become a nation of poor young people with no food or housing.

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