• The CPC is doing better than any other political organization

    The person who answered "no" got their 20th-century history from cold war propaganda. The Great Leap Forward and Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution were mistakes, And the CPC (it's "CPC, Not "CCP", No matter what American media says) has totally acknowledged that — but the so-called "Great Famine" was actually the least bad famine in China in quite a while, And there hasn't been another one since then, Thanks to the CPC's policies.

    As to the Xinjiang issue, There still is absolutely zero proof that there's a genocide going on. CIA-backed Islamist separatists making YouTube videos don't count as evidence, And neither do reports from think tanks funded by American arms companies.

    The social credit system, As anyone can find out in about 30 seconds, Is not what the memes would have you believe. And when it comes to surveillance, The US has China beat (and everywhere else).

    Now for why the CPC is actually good, Rather than just the other person's answer being nonsense: I think if you want proof of this, All you need to do is look at numbers. For example, Extreme poverty has been eliminated in China thanks to poverty-alleviation programs (education, Building new relocation towns, Job training, Healthcare, Etc. ). Or the approval rate in China: 80% last time I checked (before someone says "Chinese people are brainwashed, They have to answer yes" — what about the other 20% then? ). Or look at the GDP — larger than the US in terms of PPP, Which is the number that actually matters. Or look at China's foreign policies: the only notable conflicts they've had in a long time have been border disputes with Vietnam and India, Including the war that ended about 30 years ago; China's foreign policy is all about cooperation and stability, In sharp contrast to the US's policy of aggression, Invasion, And coups.

    The CPC isn't perfect, Because it's an organization made up of human beings. They've done things that were the wrong thing to do. But being a Marxist party, They learn from their mistakes. That's a core part of Marxism — learning, Adapting, And improving.

    I don't think it makes sense for any non-Chinese to blindly support the Party, But to claim that they're evil or inhumane without understanding the conditions in China over the last 80 years, How much things have improved (life expectancy doubled, China went from a poor backwater country to a superpower, Etc. ) — I think the only way someone can blindly _hate_ the CPC is if they're an unabashed racist. Unfortunately politicians in the west are generally unabashed racists who stir up anti-Chinese sentiment, And that's been going on literally since the Qing dynasty, If not even earlier.

  • No. Just no.

    The people who chose "Yes" argued one thing. The CCP is a Marxist organization. "That's a core part of Marxism - learning, Adapting, And improving". Really? 'Cause that's news to me. According to the Communist Manifesto, The Government is supposed to fade away. How many times has that happened? I dunno. . . How about NEVER? Socialism is the system without a class system or a government. Has it ever worked? The answer is no.
    The first Socialist Government, Being Russia, Failed. Corrupt Socialists (in my opinion, All of them are) seized the power turning the country into totalitarianism. It's seems to be a trend for every Socialist country ever since. Does that sound like "learning, Adapting, And Improving"?

  • The CCP is inhumane

    Well, Let's start with the history. Currently Mao Zedong has killed more people than any other leader in history. Not Stalin, Hitler, Nor Genghis khan have surpassed that number. The great leap forward was absolutely terrible
    Next, A more recent topic, But just as relevant. The genocide of Uighur Muslims currently taking place in the Xinyang province.
    Finally, The immoral governmental policy used to monitor the actions of individuals within and outside of the country such as the social credit system and requirements for larger businesses to cooperate with the government to be allowed to continue to exist

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