• Yes, the Chinese fast food scandal is over-hyped.

    The scandal surrounding Chinese fast-food companies has been overblown. Only one manufacturing company was responsible for the producing the improperly processed meat. Investigators were quick to shut down the factory and instill stronger regulations. These actions should prevent other factories from producing contaminated food, especially as their owners could face hefty monetary fees.

  • I believe it is being over-hyped

    The company did pull all it's business from the manufacturer and did shut down all their food places that had received meat from their. I mean come on, they eat rotten things, raw things, poop meat, and weird stuff all the time.... I don't really see why it's such a big deal over there. Maybe here because we don't eat alot of the same "delicacies" that they do....

  • It can't be overhyped

    When it comes to the food we eat, anything dangerous should be made as public as possible. The more this scandal is reported on, the more people know about it, and that can only make us safer. People need to be able to make an informed choice about the food they eat, and for that they need information.

  • Safe Food has to be top priority

    The Chinese fast food scandal is nothing new. The danger to our food supply is very real and has been for some time. In my opinion, This is one area in which the media "hype" is valid and I for one pay great attention when there is any suggestion of contamination.

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