• God IS love.

    God is to be thought of as a maximally perfect being. He possesses all great-making properties to their maximal degree. It follows that God is the highest good and is perfectly holy - indeed, he is the foundation of goodness itself.

    What about the God of the Bible? Clearly, the specific teachings on the topic at hand are that God is love. He is said to be perfectly just and holy. And the commands of the Bible are consistent with a loving God. Just think - what what Jesus calls the two greatest commandments? "Love your God" and "Love your neighbor"!.

    So what if you discover acts of God which are attested to in the Bible which you find morally reprehensible? The answer is not to throw away Christianity or belief in God in general. That would be an irrational decision. All you would really be justified to do in such a case is to reject the biblical accounts which record God's supposed wrongdoing.

    Christianity has always affirmed that God is the source of goodness and love, and that we ought to align our lives with this goodness and love in the way we live.

  • Yes yes yes.

    Yes God is a God of love and wrath. The only reason everyone is alive today is because our sins have been washed away. If Jesus did not do that for us our world would already be gone. The reason why many think otherwise is because all they see is school shootings etc... However the reason that happens is because our society and world is losing track of god and religion.

  • Yeah, He is.

    Think about it; if God was truly evil, then he wouldn't care about us at all (i.E. Deism). If the Christian God, omnipotent/omniscient, created the world and knew that world was going to "Fall" and was not all loving, then why would he send Jesus to save the world? Only a loving. God would do that. No other religion has anything like that. That makes Christianity unique.

    If God did create everything, then he can do whatever he wants. God never condoned human sacrifice. The bible also says that God's ways are not our way's which makes sense because an all-knowing God would know more than a close-minded human.

  • Yes he is loving

    God has prepared a place for his followers in heave to prevent them from going into eternal darkness. That is pretty darn loving if you ask me. But on top of that his followers live in peace and joy in ways that non followers cannot ever begin to imagine. Last Word.

  • I will always believe that he does.

    I have lived a relatively short life, compared to many people, but from these few years I have seen and heard many, many different things arguing both for and against this topic, and while I simply do not have the time to express my beliefs, I have not seen a comment arguing that he does not love us that I have not been able to rebuttal in my mind, and with that, plus all the love I have felt and seen myself, there is nothing that will change my feelings on this issue, because I have too much faith in his love.

  • John 3:16 says so

    The Bible tells us time again that God is interested in the fate of humankind (to the point where some angels became envious of humankind), and has intervened many times to benefit man, especially sending Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for humankind's sin, saving us from the wrath of sin for eternal life.

  • God is the fountainhead of all goodness

    I want to explain my view on nature of good and evil through an analogy. Many people are of the opinion that both light and darkness exist and that both heat and cold exist.This is not true.

    According to thermodynamics, there is only heat in the universe and it is the vibration energy of molecules.Cold is merely the absence of heat.Cooling devices absorb the heat in one location and dissipate it elsewhere, but they cannot actively spread 'coldness' like heating devices.

    Likewise, light is the existence of photons, and darkness is merely the absence of photons. There is no particle of darkness(Dark matter and anti-matter are different and are explained in the sources.)this is why we can have a torch that spreads light, but cannot have a device that dissipates darkness.

    In this manner, an objective 'Good' exists in the minds of all men and is called conscience.This objective good is independent of one's cultural and religious background, but adults get de-sensitized to it as time goes by.Only God's mind has the quality of this perfect goodness.Evil is merely those places in which there is an absence of this Good.

  • What is greater love than to sacrifice your own son?

    God is the most loving one who is existing. He gave us so much already - who would pay your depts to make you eligible to enter his kingdom? God has even a second gift in stock - an eternal home that is far more awesome than the most luxurious vacation destination.

  • Would you be willing to come to Earth and shed your blood and be tortured by and for your creation because that's what he did.

    People will say" But he condemns people to Hell!" Yes he does but ultimately we are the ones who sent ourselves there because of our refusal to accept him. It's also important to note that Hell was made for Satan and the devils, but not us. We asked to go to hell when we rebelled against him. God bless you all.

  • Is the christian god loving

    Yes Jesus his only begotten son he sent to die on the cross and through his blood our sins would be forgiven..By accepring him as our savior and ask forgiveness...That is love ...Our God is a awesome god to send his son to die for u and me ...Right..I hope u trust the word.

  • He is not loving.

    The Christian god is not loving, he has caused many wars, and allows evil to reign over the world. If he created everything, why does he create people who are evil? Why does he let the evil continue? The crusades were all about religion and millions of people were killed which halted the progression of those nations. Today he allows innocent people to die, even if they do no bad. Why?

  • There is no justifiable explanation for evil

    Many Christians argue that the reason that evil exists is because evil is the doing of satan, or that it is necessary, because evil and free will are mutually inclusive, so one may not exist without the other. This logic however, is extremely flawed when taken in conjunction withy the assertion that God is omnipotent. God created everything, yes? Then God created the angels, and Lucifer, who was originally an angel. God then would have had to create in Satan the capacity to cause all the evil and pain and suffering in this world. Satan in fact, is considered to be wholly evil, but he is also part of God's creation, which means everything that Satan has the power or capacity to do, God created him with it. This brings me to my second argument, in that God also created humans, and therefore every facet of our nature. Our capacity to slaughter each other in scores and droves is not the only evil that exists, and so if free will is dependent upon evil it is still not dependent on our capacity for genocide, therefore it need not exist. So then a loving God would not have it exist, especially if He had the power to prevent it, which if omnipotent, He certainly would. However, genocide exists despite God's ability to prevent it, meaning God either does not love equally or in not all powerful.

  • Doesn't he condemn people to hell?

    Hasn't he commited numerous acts of genocide?
    Flooded the world?
    Approved of slavery?
    Condemned homosexuality?

    I don't know about you, but if you think this guy is loving then you clearly don't know how love feels and if you're in a relationship you need to get out of it ASAP. Love is not abusing someone by telling them that they're disgusting, diseased, loathsome creatures and then telling them that you love them the next moment. That's a harmful relationship. And this Christian god fellow, he sounds like a pretty sadistic person. If you are a father and you wouldn't allow a daughter around a boy that treats her like that, than I can imagine he probably isn't the kind deity you're looking for either.

    By that standard, even I'm loving. And believe me, I'm an incredibly bitter and cynical person that is probably one of the most distrusting and misanthropic people on this website. Geeze.

  • That certainly depends

    On whether you were born a rich, white, straight, cisgender, Christian American male, or, say, an eight year old child bride in Saudi Arabia, or a five year old boy in western Africa with a bloated stomach and maggots eating his eyeballs. But, you know, God is really very, very concerned about whether you pass your Geometry final.

    Posted by: Seek
  • God is not loving.

    God set up the fall of man to look good. He predestines people to hell just for little sins. He has an elect. Not to mention he treats women as objects. I was saved, and God sent A LOT of demons that severely possess and oppress me, and when I came to some Christians for help, they ignored me and turned their backs on me at the command of God. Note I did not do anything to deserve this. I try to keep my morals. There's something not right about these devils that pick on me, which means there's something not right about their God. I even sensed the evil in God the father's presence.

  • God cares little for humanity

    (Assuming that the Bible is true) I do believe that the Christian God is capable of love since some people do go to heaven when they die. But he lets so many people choose to go to hell and die. What parent would not warn their child that they are in danger and need to go to safety? What parent would not intervene to protect their child? Instead, God gives Adam and Eve a stupid test, that leads to the destruction of millions of souls. The Christian God is in no way like a parent to humanity. He treats us like we are toys. If you turn out to be a sinner, then you are a factory defect and tossed into the lake of fire to burn for all eternity. My conclusion is that the Christian God is an Evil God. If God truly cared about his creatures, he would have a personal relationship with each of us, but clearly that is not the case. A lot of humanity can't get a word out of God. There are gay people that pray to God to take away their gayness and he does not listen to them. Humanity is so screwed if the christian God is the true and living God.

  • God is a tyrant.

    Obey god or die: the theme of the Old Testament. People are born imperfect, and God punishes us for that. It is like being born into prison, where we've been thrown into jail at the moment of our birth.

    The idea that people, who are not perfect for 70 or so years of their tiny lives, deserve eternal damnation is nothing more than supernatural tyranny.

  • If he is explain this then

    Explain why he would create gays and lesbians, knowing full well that they would be gay and lesbian, only to condemn them to hell for how he made them? Explain how that is in any way loving? He created hell for people to burn in. He created the rules of the universe, including the punishment for sin. Everything happens according to his will. He is responsible for everything, including the people he sends to hell.

  • Infinite Punishment for Very Little Reason

    When it comes to a choice of infinite punishment because one either follows another religion or doesn't follow any religion is simply absurd. Being in contradiction with what we now know through the advancements in science has lead to us understanding that the simplest areas in the bible reveal the fact that it's stories and it's view on the world is simply not true. If a god gives us this false information and tells us we should believe on a blind faith the future of an infinite punishment, then this god is not loving.

  • Loving someone never involves killing the one loved for the sins of others.

    The question we really should ask is if you would sacrifice your son or daughter so that people who sinned won't be punished. It is the simplest if logic to see that if god really understood love he wouldn't have allowed for so many wars, so many deaths, and for HIS OWN SON'S DEATH BY CRUCIFIXION!

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