• Their view of a lot of things is wrong.

    Let's start with the old quote that they use to fuel hatred towards homosexuals: "if one lies with a man as one lies with women, it is an abomination." That quote isn't homosexuality. Back when the bible was written, women were treated as property. They were trodden on, sold as slave-wives, and given to the men who raped them, and either belonged to their father or their husband. It's basically saying 'don't treat a man like a woman; don't treat them like property.'

    But in other ways, Christians shouldn't be so discriminatory towards homosexuals. Some Christians are gay but they still get treated badly by their own religious group. If Christians want to insist on homosexuality being a sin, then they should follow the other rules, like killing someone who works on a Sunday, or selling their daughter to a rapist, or not eating shellfish, and not wearing clothing made from two different.

    Divorce is a sin, but no one ever gets stoned to death for that anymore.

    See how silly and old-fashioned those rules are? That's how people should view the way Christians treat homosexuals.

    After all, isn't Christianity meant to be all about love and acceptance?

  • Let's have a look why.

    Leviticus 20 verse 13 " if a man lies with a man as one lies with women, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; there blood will be on their own heads". Wow this comes from a god that asks you to kill in his name not just in that verse but 22 more times. God asks not to murder only one time in the Old testament. This is because god teaches with shame, guilt, fear and hate. I would say that homosexuality is a type of love and in that sense it deserves our respect. Otherwise we will have to hate and kill our sons this is so wrong. In closing I would like to say god is imaginary. Thank you for your question.

  • Christianity is used to justify hate

    Many evil people, such as the Crusaders, Nazis, and the KKK used Christianity to do horrible things. The Crusaders used it to sack and destroy cities, and murder innocent babies during the Crusades. The Nazis used it to justify the Holocaust. The KKK used it to justify racism. It is a tool for hate.
    Then, bias against people with a different sexual orientation is the same as racism. See the following statements.
    - People use Christianity to kill African Americans and hate them.
    - People also use Christianity to kill Homosexuals and hate them.

  • The Christian view of everything is wrong.

    There is no such thing as a particular "Christian" view of homosexuality. They range from hate mongers to somewhat tolerant. Even if they have no negative view whatsoever of homosexual behavior, any view of any lifestyle filtered through a dangerous set of moral guidelines gleaned from barbaric and hopelessly ignorant Bronze Aged lunatics is indeed wrong.

  • let he who is without sin cast the first stone

    we are all sinners apparently
    I have no idea why they are so hateful to gays
    especially when they are all sinners themselves

    christianity is wrong period, let alone just about this one issue

    using an unproven belief in a god to justify your prejudiced view of gays is wrong

    the fact is nobody knows if god exists
    let alone which religion he subscribes to
    or what he thinks about gays
    the bible is not the last word on morality, in fact it is quite the opposite

    using the babble to justify your hatred of gays is wrong

  • Of course it is not wrong

    Homosexuality is UNNATURAL.

    Everything was made a certain way. A key was made specifically for its door knob just like the woman was made for the man. You don't see animals of the same sex having intercourses because they can't and it totally breaks the course of nature.

    Some people call it love but it is a sin of the human body, just like drugs, adultery, fornication, etc. You can love someone of the same sex but not to an extent that you would want to marry them. You are also not born that way. The feelings you get towards the person of the same sex is your sinful body making you trying to what is wrong, but if you fight them God will reward you. If not he will punish you just as he did with the city of Sodom and Gomorah ( Genesis 13-19:29).

    It is not hatred. God loves all his children but just like a parent he must punish them. You may believe God is evil but he is not he is only just, and that is why he gives you the opportunity to ask for forgiveness of your sins. Pray to him, have a relationship of communication, have faith.

  • The Christian view of homosexuality is simple

    According to Bible, God intended sex to be used exclusively in the context of a male-female marriage. Accordingly, any sex outside of marriage is immoral - by definition, this includes homosexual sex as well as any and all extramarital sex. The Bible takes no view on homosexuality itself because orientation doesn't matter - it is the act that matters. A celibate homosexual is not a sinner.

    Posted by: TN05
  • The Christian view of homosexuality is not wrong

    The Christian view of homosexuality is not wrong based on the simple premise that it is "their" view of homosexuality, and that in itself takes away any question of right or wrong. If a person or group decides based on their theology or teachings, or personal morals, that something is right or wrong, then they, in a free world, have a right to that opinion. It does not make the opinion right or wrong. The issue is when treatment, and actions towards others based on a person's right to have an opinion begin to shift to a derogatory level that it becomes wrong. Until then, no it is not wrong to have a view against something. It is our right.

  • Yes and no

    The problem with this topic is that there are a lot of people who say they are christians and yet hate gay people. One of the interesting things about Jesus in the bible is that he never mentions it, ever. It could be that its just because it didn't come up, but it could also be because it shouldn't be an issue. Just because a person is gay doesn't mean you should hate them. The true christian view of homosexuality is that it is sin, but also to love people regardless of their sins. Keep in mind Jesus spent time with and forgave criminals, prostitutes, etc. If he didn't have a problem with gay people, neither should you. So to answer the question, no, but there are many people who use it as an excuse to hate gay people. Which is why i love that picture at the top of the page, it shows that people shouldn't use christianity as an excuse to hate.

  • Yes and no.

    Christians are right that homosexuality is a sin but they are wrong if they use that fact to justify their hate against gays. They would be hypocrites because we are all sinners who deserve to go to hell. In God's eyes, there is no such thing as 'big sin' or 'small sin'. Sin is sin. Period. ALL sin is equal in God's eyes whether you tell a lie to your parents or if you murder the Queen, both sins are equal to God. So for a 'Christian' to go about condemning gays to hell are plain old hypocrites because they are sinners just as much as homosexuals are and we are in no place to judge others unless we ourselves are sinless but since none of us are, we cannot judge.

  • It is a religious view.

    The Christian view is not wrong as it is personal. God gave Adam, Eve. Now with that being said, if there are gays and lesbians they can do what they please as long as they don't impose their will on others, or have the views of others imposed on them. That being said, they cannot be expected to be married at a church as the church is against it.

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