• The Church is More Corrupt.

    How can special interests compete with an institution that has protected pedophiles? While the government may be unfortunately influenced by money and power in Washington, the massive coverup the Church has pulled off to protect their priests and the horrible actions inflicted on the children they should be nurturing is utterly inexcusable.

  • No, Not Really

    Let me see...Does the Church spend a trillion dollars a year and then place the bill on its followers? No? Hmm, I guess not then.
    Just about every politician is corrupt, but most church pastors are okay people. Oh yeah, and the Church does not cause costly wars with high death tolls. Not in this day and age, anyway.
    If I may say so, this is a ridiculous question that everybody knows the answer to.

  • NO

    They're both pretty corrupt as far as I can see. They both go out of their way to protect criminals and depend upon people believing a lot of propaganda that seems a bit crazy to some of us.

    They both depend upon people giving them lots of money, energy, and blind faithful dedication. Honestly, our government in the U.S. is little more than a religious institution that simply remains silent on the subject of spirituality.

    They're both about equal in corruption. That is to say, both of them are eaten alive with corruption.

  • I'd say not

    It's very obvious that both institutions have a fair degree of corruption. Both of them are filled with hypocritical policies and entitled, delusional politicos seeking to further their own agenda however possible. However, the Church is a governing body of religion, and therefore is not funded by taxpayer dollar. One can completely ignore the Church and it won't make a bit of difference in their life, as long as they continue practicing what they believe. Yes, the Church covered up plenty of crimes committed by cardinals and the like, but the government covers up those things too. Now they're blaming guns for mass killings, when mental health should be the issue they're addressing. There was also the entire ObamaCare fiasco in which the stupid liberals pushed it through so they could find out everything that was in it - without actively debating on it to make it perfect for the people. The conservative response was to continuously try and repeal it after it was passed, but every one of their thirty-plus attempts fell on deaf ears since we got sick of them wasting our time. The government also has hidden the crimes of elected officials on multiple occasions and the media has helped that tremendously. The government has too much control over the media and what is reported, and that alone can hide many things - especially hypocrisy and our own president saying racist things back in 2007, for instance. The liberal media covers things up and makes everything one-sided, therefore swaying the minds of the people so they don't know what's really going on. The government isn't mandating that because they're too busy debating over which news network is a bigger joke. I mean, do politicians (on either side) do anything but argue these days? They can't get anything done, they raise taxes, they hide hypocrisy, they blast each other, and they really aren't productive. The Church doesn't do anything like that - they just hide their hypocrisy. The American government has more instances of corruption than the Church and is therefore the more corrupt of the two. That's not saying the Church isn't corrupt, because we all know it is. The US government, however, needs much more reform.

  • The Government Is More Corrupt

    The government is more corrupt than the church. It has been this way for a while. Many politicians lie to get into office and do not hold their word on promises or guarantees. It is also very well known that special interest play a huge role in how the government is run.

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