• City4life! Its way better!

    The city is better! Sorry for all you weirdos out there that prefer to live enchanted by the smell of cow poop but. . .
    The city has so many more opportunities! They city is so big and exciting with cool museums and things to do and see. The country is predictable and is honestly really boring. Your name will never be in the stars but rather in killing the adorable runts of the newborn pigs *cough* wilbert *cough*
    ALso one more thing; there is proof that more abusive relationships happen out in the country because there are less resources for woman and children to get help.

  • The city rocks

    Living in the city and then moving to the countryside can be difficult since of all the changes you have to face. The country side is a good place to observe wild life but sometimes the wild animals may come and hurt you. So in conclusion the city is better

  • Clean air!

    This might be my favourite part of living in the country! Considering you may be the only car on the road, I bet you can imagine how much cleaner the air is compared to that of the city. The fresh air when you step out the door is something that is indescribable. That being said, The clean air comes along with some smells that are acquired. Maybe it's the smell of the farm down the road, Or the freshly harvested crop. Whatever it may be, These are the smells of home.

  • Country is too isolated

    In the city, you can drive, take public transportation, or possibly ride your bike everywhere. In the countryside, everything is too isolated. The nearest supermarket would be quite a commute away, and another commute back home. In the city or the suburbs, everything is much closer and isn't as time consuming.

  • Good education in city

    More good education facilities in cities more than countryside. We can develop more in cities. Like there are lots of academies for students to develop in city. Also there are variety of academies. Children who live in country can also develop but the percentage is lower than children who live in cities.

  • The city is way better

    The city is better than the country because theres a lot more to do. It can get really boring in the country with nothing to do. The city has all kinds of things to do You can walk places or you can take a car, taxi, or bus. If you really think the countrys better, you might want to think again.

  • Countryside is boring

    There is nothing there but some grass some leaves and a bunch of trees threw non the ground. Nature is wonderful but sometimes just walking past trees can easily become extremely dull and not at all exciting for anyone . Nothing ever to do but stare at leaves and trees

  • The country sounds beautiful and amazing but

    There is a lot of exquisite things in the city as well famous buildings, huge parks covered in beds of flowers . There are a lot of wonderful places and things to see in the city . Lots of these things practically don't exist in the world of the countryside

  • Because because because

    Just because ok ok because because because of the things there are and that it is not boring like the plain old countryside. I think that is why it's better . Also who wants to live on a clump of grass no one I know would enjoy doing that , OK

  • Transport and places

    In the countryside you have to walk everywhere or drive yourself . In the city you can do that as well but not only that there are also buses, taxis, trains etc... It's so much easier to get around. Also in the there are loads of roads and places to go in the countryside there are just trees and occasionally small narrow roads that lead to one thing. DOESN'T SOUND VERY EXCITING MOR IS IT!!!

  • Country side is better

    It is better because everything at the country side is natural there is no pollution. There is not much technology but that is actually a good thing because there will be less antisocial people and that means people will have more time to focus on family. Technology (the internet) can expose children many bad things but at the country side there is none of that. The air at the country side is clean and fresh.

  • The country has more animals and less pollution.

    The country is a more relaxing place to be than the city it also is not as noisy as the city a.K.A cars please keep earth clean no cars only horses to help us be healthier and cleaner cows give us milk and meat for steak i vote country is better please vote this also.

  • The countryside is the best!

    No, fresh air is good for the body and the soul. No, the countryside is better for living in than the city. With less stress, more fresh air, and the quiet beauty of nature it can't be beat. The city is bustling and full of pollution. Also nobody likes the countryide so why am i even writing this? XD COUNTRY IS FOR LOSERS!

  • Living in the countryside is better.

    In the countryside, there is more space for children to roam freely about. It is closer to nature and you can see many breathtaking sceneries. The possibility of crime in the countryside is lower and it is more relaxed. Heard that things are cheaper there :)) and the cost of living is lower in countryside than city life.

  • Pollution in the air

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  • Countryside is better for living

    No, the term countryside refers to a location where there are not many people living in a small area, which happens to have less pollution than cities. In countrysides people has more opportunities to observe wildlife which is very rare in cities. Cities have developed medical systems, better transportations and advanced education but all these can't be compared to the wonderful nature. Cities are densely populated where there is no sense of calm.

  • The countryside is much better

    The countryside is less developed but it also means less pollution. Life in the countryside is also a lot more relaxing and peaceful than in the city with a lot less hustle and bustle, and you could observe wildlife rarely seen in cities too. Children will have a freer childhood growing up in the countryside by getting to roam around freely while in cities going around anywhere without adults can be fatal for kids.

  • It depends on your life stage.

    The city is a really cool place to be. Restaurants, shops, excitement, etc. It is a really great place to be when you're young. But when you start a family, do you really want chaos both inside and outside your house? Be able to play with your kids in the backyard, and take walks down empty roads is great for family team.

  • No, fresh air is good for the body and the soul.

    No, the countryside is better for living in than the city. With less stress, more fresh air, and the quiet beauty of nature it can't be beat. The city is bustling and full of pollution, and you can't even see the stars at night. A skyline may be impressive to look at, but it's nothing compared to nature's grandeur.

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