• Yes, we have equal rights.

    Yes, the Civil Rights era is over, because people of all races have civil rights. There are some instances where businesses still discriminate on the basis of race, but they are few and far between. Because systemic discrimination on the basis of race is over, so is the Civil Rights era. Race issues still continue, but not in the context of civil rights.

  • I don't think it will ever be over.

    There will always be a racist person in our world. There will always be a person or a group who will be taught that white is better. They will be taught that white skin, blue eyes, and/or blonde hair is better and deserves better. Why should we be judged by something we didn't choose to be. Nobody chose to be the way they want to be. Some people will never open up their eyes and see what we can truly be made of. They don't see that we should work together as one race, the human race. Sophia Gomez

  • In NO sense is it over.

    Not only are black Americans STILL fighting for equal treatment under the law and within the greate societies, many marginalized and "fringe" citizens are fighting for the same equal protections black Americans fought for during the Civil Rights Movement. Until the word EQUAL pertains to every American and is interpreted the same across all social, political, and economic spectrums the right to civil rights will continue.

  • Civil Rights Surpasses Race

    As we stretch our minds we can embrace that civil rights exceeds outside of just race but those who are fight for their civil rights as gay Americans, disabled Americans, and more. Civil Rights Movement scratched the surface and has thus lead to a revolution. The movement provides hope, focus, and understanding to what lies a head and at what cost.

  • No, we have not won civil rights yet.

    In one sense the civil rights era may be done because some fundamental values have been questioned and some laws have been changed. And yet there is still a lot of work to be done in the area of racial equality. It may be that as new minorities emerge, it has to be said that civil rights work will never end.

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